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Default What do YOU want for Christmas?

My fiance keeps bugging me about what I want for Christmas. I really have no idea. For one, I don't like to say specific things because I don't like to sound greedy, but I also don't have a clue what I want. We're getting married on December 11th, and I'm sure we're getting a ton of registry gifts plus gift cards and such. Normally I'd ask for kitchen/cooking gadgets, but we're going to have more of those than we're going to know what to do with pretty soon. Not to mention, we're moving to a new state at the end of December, so I feel like every object is just one more thing to move. Between all the gifts we're already getting and the fact that I don't feel like I need anything, I have no idea what to tell him. I want to tell him something though, because I know how it feels to have no idea what to get somebody. He's hinted at lots of things he'd be happy with, and I'm so grateful that he has. But I've left him completely clueless.

ETA: The only thing I can think of is clothes, but he knows I'd need to choose/try on things for myself, so I'm sure I'll get a gift card for clothes. But he says gift cards aren't personal enough and he wants to get me an actual present, hehe.

So I need ideas, ladies...What do YOU want for Christmas???
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I'd like an engagement ring, but I don't think he is planning it this Christmas. Other than that I would like some new pots and pans, a really good chef's knife, and of course anything blingy. He is a wonderful poet, so a poem would be really great, but since he has been so busy with other things I think that like the engagement ring will have to wait.

I'm more worried about what I'm going to get him.

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I'm more concerned about what I'm going to get my hubby too.

But this Christmas we're keeping things simple. My entire wish list amounts to about $270 and that's it :] On that list I have a couple stocking stuffer ideas that I'd like and a few gifts that can be wrapped and placed under the tree. Most of what I'm wishing for are some cute apparel from ModCloth and a Jimmy Choo bag.

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I'd like to weigh less than 300 #, and an iPad.

- Annie
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If you want clothes, how about doing some online shopping. Find things you like to put on your wishlist, and then he can suprise you with one (or more!) of those items. Sometimes you can do this at a local store, too. That way you are surprised, and he gets you something that he knows you will like.

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I want clothes!
I also want a new HRM and a Schwinn Beach Cruiser.
But I'll settle for clothes

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I asked Santa to put money in my high-interest online savings account so I'll have a little something to live on when I move back to America in August.

As for my boyfriend, he's a terrible gift giver and this causes problems every year. I don't need anything. Maybe just some Christmas cake and a nice date.
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My hubs is actually pretty good at finding me gifts that I'll like but then again I'm very easy to please and don't usually want much. However, this year my wish list is a bit pricey. Ooops.

I'm hoping for one or more of the following:

A Nook (the color one would be very nice)
A B&N gift card to go with the Nook (because what good is a Nook without the books to download onto it?)
My favorite DKNY perfume (yummers)

Oh, and

World peace! (But mostly the Nook)
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clothes! and maybe some stuff from Sephora...
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Nothing except some quality time together. When we first started dating, I had to convince my husband (then boyfriend), that really I didn't need anything. So we don't exchange gifts at Christmas. I might buy him something small like a DVD he wants but I wouldn't give it to him on christmas or wrap it but I might tell him its his Christmas gift

And basically, I value friendship, love, time spent together and with loves ones more than any material item. So we are flying to see my family and I also don't expect to receive any gifts because I do tell people that being with them is a gift. I'd rather someone give money to charity than buy me a gift.
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i picked out a necklace from etsy -it was around 50$. i bought it early so it would have time to be made and shipped.
i would also love some leather boots and makeup. i'm not planning to get clothes until i'm at goal weight...i'll just get some inexpensive things to wear as i go along, but makeup, jewelry and shoes i will be able to use at goal.
i would LOVE a nice fancy camera...a cannon, but i'd like to add more cash to our savings first.
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This guy I want to make it official...which won't happen sooo CLOTHING, a pair of winter boots and a good pair of runners.
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I would really like a treadmill..It isn't easy for me to get to the gym every night. I have a 2 and 3 yr. old and it would be easier for me to have access to a treadmill at home..
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I'm getting some Retin-A ... XD But I would also like a nice rug for the kitchen floor, maybe a new blanket set for the bed, and some pots/pans/cooking utensils. I will probably just get the Retin-A and maybe some other small thing, because my birthday is in January (I'm getting bicycles for both of us! Yipee!)

Wow, Jess, that necklace is very unique and totally pretty!

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I really, really want a Kindle. BUT, I'm all kinds of practical and have a postage-sized wardrobe right now, so I'm asking for gift cards to stores so I can shop for myself. It will be really nice to have more than 4 shirts that I can wear to work.
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