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FreeSpirit 09-05-2010 10:56 PM

OT - Need emergency advice on my tooth.
I had a cavity inbetween my back lower molar and the one in front of it (the cavity was actually on the back molar). The dentist said that I would *possibly* need a root canal but he wanted to avoid that and try and fill it instead. He filled the cavity, and it was okay for a while until it started hurting REALLLLLY badly so I went back to the dentist and got a root canal. At that point my dental insurance had run out so I was unable to get a cap on it right away. The temporary filling came out and it stayed that way for about 5 months until a couple of months ago when I went back to the dentist (a new one because my old dentist retired). My new dentist tells me my best option is to just have it removed, which I'm fine with. I also need to have my wisdom teeth out so he told me that it would be fine to do it all at once. The new semester was about to start and I knew I wouldn't be able to get in to get my wisdom teeth out before the semester started. This semester I'm taking 21 credits, plus working, and I CANNOT miss class to get my teeth fixed.

Anyways, onto my problem... today I was eating something and I felt a weird pressure on my tooth. I go to the bathroom to take a look at it and the filling that the doctor did in the beginning is VERY loose. I thought it just came detached from the tooth... but I was looking at it more and I actually cracked the tooth in half. I'm not concerned with saving the tooth because I was going to have it pulled anyways... but it's making me really uncomfortable and I'm paranoid about it falling out. I'm not going to be able to make it to the dentist office until Tuesday afternoon when I get out of classes.... is there anything I can do in the mean time? Please help... I'm seriously freaking out right now.

AR4life 09-05-2010 11:16 PM

Ugh, I hate teeth, too many bad experiences :(

I have heard of people using crazy glue in situations like this, not sure if that helps. It has to be strong to hold the tooth together.

good luck with it :)

Jokan 09-05-2010 11:36 PM

I have had the exact same thing happen to me.....EXACT!!! Well, excluding the wisdom teeth at the same time. If it's going to break, it is just going to break. Try to eat on the other side of your mouth as much as possible. If it breaks your biggest problem is if it is jagged and cuts up your jaw. Sometimes if it is just a little jagged you can put braces wax on the tooth until you can get to the dentist. However, I will tell you exactly how gangsta I got while trying to eat dinner out with friends it was tearing my jaw up so horribly that I used a finger nail file in the bathroom to file the edge down...Oh yes I did. However it was 34 days until my insurance started and enough was enough!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck hunny!!!!:hug::hug::hug:

rainbowstripe 09-05-2010 11:58 PM

Oh no, it's horrible when things like this happen. As AR4life said, the best thing you can do is avoid chewing on that side like crazy and hope it holds out til Tuesday.

A large chunk of one of my teeth (same tooth I'd had a root canal & crown just over 2 years ago) broke off while I was eating dinner a few weeks ago on a Monday and I was due to go overseas on the Wednesday. I was freaked out! I got a temporary fix for free, they filed down the sharp bit so that I could go on my holiday and not stress too much - and I know that isn't going to help for you so I'm sorry! I really dislike dentists. If they'd done that first crown properly, I wouldn't have had to pay another $1800 last month to get a whole new one done.

mandalinn82 09-06-2010 03:10 AM

There is dental cement you can use to temporarily glue things back in. If you're not in pain, you can use that. Your dentist can easily remove it, and you can buy it near the toothbrushes in any drugstore.

Just don't do it if it hurts, since it can cement in bacteria, increasing risk of infection.

FreeSpirit 09-06-2010 08:19 AM

Thanks so much guys! I get really weird about anything that has to do with my mouth and so I freak out easily. :lol:

It doesn't hurt at all, mandalinn. There's only a little bit of uncomfortable pressure on my gums if I create suction in my mouth, and I think that's only because the teeth move when I do that. I'll have to see if I can find some of the cement stuff, it sounds like it'd be good to hold it together for now. I'm definitely trying to be careful because I don't want any infection in my gums or anything.

Thanks again everyone! :hug:

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