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doing it for me
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Smile Love Stories!

I've had a ****ty time with guys lately. I need something to restore my faith in love and the opposite sex!!

So I'd really love to read some of your Love Stories, past or present! How you met your partner (current or former), a great date you went on, your first kiss, a sweet gesture from your loved one...

A positive narration of something great about your love life!
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Don't want to be so tired
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Default Ahhhh ~ the story :)

here is mine~ I met my hubby about 16 years ago in college second year. We became good friends over the time. 4 years later, I realized I was falling for him so one evening while coming back from work(our work places were close so we used to commute together ), I told him that I loved him. He didn't want to believe that it was love . According to him, we were best friends and may be I was misunderstanding my feelings. Our friendship though was too deep to be affected by it and we remained best friends ~ I used to tease him every once in a while saying one fine morning he will wake up to realize that it was love and he would just say 'don't keep your hopes too high'

I went to another country for a job for 2 years and kept in touch with him. We used to talk almost every other day on phone(international calls were expensive back then - we didn't have VOIP back then.. ...Anyway, when I went back for our mutual friend's marriage after 2 years of being apart and the next day - he asked me if I wanted to just go visit my old office again. I wanted to meet some old colleague so went with him and riding back [almost 2 and half years had passed since I told him that I loved him], he told me that he loved me

Another 3 years of dating before we got married [tons of family issues prevented us from marrying right away ] but 8 or so year later-I can tell you that I am happy that I waited for him to come around in those 2 and half year of his denial because 'WE ' are the best thing that happened to 'US'

love will find you and you will find love [sometimes there is a difference of time frame] but it will click if you keep faith in love and in yourself and in your heart.
Nothing tastes better than the way skinny feels~

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I hated men when I weighed my heaviest. Always felt they were judging me and didn't think anyone would ever want me besides the crap relationship I was in at the time. When I had my AHA moment i realized being alone and feeling better about myself was a better deal than my relationship. So I filed for divorce, works on myself, loved myself first. Then it happened! Ten lbs from goal I met the greatest man/prince charming any girl could hope for! He supported me, encouraged me, loved me for me. I even called him my soul mate on our first date by mistake! He wa just so perfect to me. Here we are, down the road expecting our first baby together. He showed me how a real man is, and most importantly, what true love is. . It will happen for you! Never settle! And remember, being a hopeless romantic is better than not believing in love!
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Bella Signora ♥
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Me and my fiancé met when we were 13 and 14.
We live nearly 560 miles away from each other,
so when he asked me out I was hesitant, but he
was determined to win me over. We've now been
in a long-distance relationship for over two years now.

I have seen him and we really have to trust each
other with this. We also couldn't be more opposite. He
lives in Bronx, NYC, I live in a country town in Ohio.

This long-distance relationship has never been easy
for us. But when I finally get to be with him I love when
he holds me, when he kisses me, when he tells me he
loves me, etc. Everything is extra special considering
we only see each other twice a year. Two years ago we
could only dream about moving in together. Now we're
moving in together next year and we're getting married
in two years. I'll admit, it's been one **** of a journey.

In the beginning everyone said we were stupid for doing
this. "How do you know if he's cheat on you?" was the
most common question. And I simply reply, "How does HE
know I'M not cheating on him?"

When I'm crying, he's there for me to call. When I'm having
a bad day, he lets me vent to him. When I feel ugly, he's
there to call me beautiful. I'll love him always, even when
he's waking me up at 3am, making me lose valuable beauty
sleep, to tell me he loves me. Fact of the matter is is that
he's always there and I believe him when he says he'll love me forever.

I'm so very blessed to have him and I'm so glad
he fought to be with me. Now we're 16 and 17 and
still madly in love. I CANNOT wait to live my life
with him. He does very special things for me:
sending me letters, shirts of his, etc. And now he
says he has a surprise for me for my birthday.

Anyways, never give up on love. When you find the
right person who loves you deeply, no distance matters
and you'll stay by them through the hard times.

Sierra Maria. 21. Married. Mother.

An it harm none, so mote it be.

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Spartan Kitty
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When I was 16 (a junior in high school) one of my friends was talking about a guy (a senior) who kept asking her out. She didn't like him and wanted him to back off. I told her I would occupy his attention. The first time I saw him I knew. He was gorgeous, green hazel eyes, baby face, just soooo cute! I knew that I seriously wanted to go out with him, that I could love him. There was a school dance a week or two later, and while we didn't go together we did go with the same group. I had my friend set us up to dance together. As soon as we danced the first song together I knew I was going to marry him. Seriously, it was that instantaneous, the minute his arms wrapped around me it was like coming home.

Well he was kind of nervous and avoided me at the after party. But Sunday night my friend (the one he had originally wanted to date) called me and said that he had called her and asked her if she thought I would say yes if he asked me out (you know how high school is!). She of course told him she thought I would say yes. I was bouncing off the walls!

The next day was Valentines day. My first valentines day without a boyfriend since I was like 12. I was a bit depressed, but when I got some flowers at lunch (the student government sold roses to give to your sweetie) I was so psyched. I was sure the note would be from him asking me out! Well, it was from him, but it said (I still have the note to this day!) "Hope these make you feel a little better". I actually went in the bathroom and cried, so sure he would never ask me out.

The next morning we were all at the lunch table we met at before school started. He walked with me to go to my first class (not unusual, he walked with me to a few of my classes normally) but before I went up the stairs he asked if he could talk to me. Of course my heart started beating really fast and it was really loud too, so I could barely hear it when he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend! And I could also barely hear myself say yes. So we started dating. Come to find out he had never had a girlfriend before and every girl he had ever asked out turned him down, that's why he was so hesitant about asking me out.

Two days later I wrote him a note telling him I loved him. When he came to pick me up that evening he said he had read my note, then he sang me a song, "Love of my Life" by Sammy Kershaw. Turns out he loved me too.

That was over 10 years and 2 kids ago. The boy with the gorgeous hazel eyes has been my loving husband for more than 8 years now. We've been through ups and downs, good times, bad times, poor times (we're working on the rich times), living with his parents and so much more. People back then said we wouldn't last, we were too young, etc. But I still look in his eyes and know he's the one. I wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone, without him I'm only half of myself. He's the only one I can see myself getting old and gray with, and our lives couldn't last long enough for me to show him how much I love him. Even after 10 years together we still find new things to talk about, and new things to do together. And every time he wraps his arms around me I know I'm home.

(hope that wasn't too mushy! lol It's just I have very strong emotions and a tendency to be long winded. )
~*~*~Don't let today's moment forsake tomorrow's dream~*~*~

~*~*My Heaviest was in 2008, my goal will be met by March of 2017*~*~

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Ready for a change!
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I love everyone's stories! This makes me really believe in love
Can't wait to read more!

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You can read mine here: http://storywrite.com/story/172402

New Exercise Regimen:
Walk Away the Pounds Dvds: 3xs a week
Quick Callanetics Dvds: 7xes a week
Jari Love Dvds: 3xes a week

Let's do this!!!

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not very romantic- but my love story anyway. i met the hubby on the internet, thru ICQ. i was new to town and he randomly chatted me looking for people in the area to chat with. we chatted for a few days, then we started talking on the phone... after a week or so of that we decided to meet for a "hook up" (i didn't say i was smart!). So my parents drive me over to his house to meet him. He's sitting outside on a beat up car, reading a book, and he has the biggest dorkiest glasses ever.
My little brother who was about 11 at the time chimed in with "oh Liz he's perfect for you, he's so dorky!" and it turns out he was right. We had our random hook up- then talked for hours and just clicked. When I came home that night I told my mom that was the man I would marry- and I was right!
We haven't been apart since that first day- and that was almost 11 years ago now. We've been married for 8.5 years.
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I guess I have the high school sweetheart love story. My freshman year in high school I was 15 years old and single for the first time in 2 or 3 years. I was walking to class one day with one of my girl friends and I said "who is that" she said i have no idea but you can do better than that. I thought about what she said but it was something about those blue eyes and great smile that drove me nuts.
The next day I had to go talk to him and come to find out we had more in common that I would have ever known. What was even crazier is he only lived 10 minutes from my parents house and I didn't even know who he was. We talked for a few months and finally went out on our first date which lead to our first kiss and after that first kiss I knew he was the one I would spend my life with. Now almost 6 years and a baby later we are happily married and I know he is still the one I want to spend my life with and grow old with.
Short Term Goal

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I was born this way hey!
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I first met my hubby in the 8th grade. He teased me non stop, and I really hated him, LOL!! Then in 9th grade..we started to like each other, and ended up going out for a week. We broke up, but stayed friends. My friend Heather always tried to get us back together, but the timing was always off. Then during senior year, I finally decided that I HAD to have him as my boyfriend, lol!! But during a football, I nearly blew it because I talked non stop about my ex. Even my friends were like.."SHUT UP ABOUT THE EX!!" LoL!! But I was really nervous. Thankfully that didnt scare him off. We both ended up talking one night about how we wanted to be a in serious relantionship. He said that he could never find the right girl..and I told him that the right girl was right in front of him. He asked me out that night. And in high school, you're just automatically boyfriend & girlfriend, lol!! About 2 weeks later, he told me that he loved me. <3 We ended up going to senior prom together, which was a blast. However...a few weeks after graduation, he had to leave for Navy boot camp. We both thought about ending it..but thankfully we didn't. I was the girl waiting at home for him. When he was about to come home, I lied and told my mom that he had no place to go..so I asked if he could stay with us. I still to this day have no idea why my mom agreed to it. I think out of all my boyfriends, he was the only one who was trustworthy, lol!! I still remember the day I went to pick him up from the airport. I hadn't seem him in 3 months..and when he arrived in baggage claim, he looked so good. I remember it felt so good being back in his arms again. He was home for 2 weeks before he had to leave for San Diego to go into the ship. He'd come home on the weekends, and stay at my house of course, lol!! My whole family loved him (probably because of the military thing. They are VERY pro military). Sometime in Oct, he was due to leave on a month long workup. So he came home and proposed to me!! We had been together for 9 months then. He didn't have a ring until he came home for the workup and properly proposed. It made for a very exciting Thanksgiving & Christmas. In March 2004, my mom & I went to visit him in San Diego..and we took a little side trip to Disneyland. That entire trip was so much fun. But in May 2004, right before my cousin's wedding..he had to deploy for 6 months. At the time, I had never been so heartbroken. But I had planning our wedding to do, so that took up a lot of my time. He came home in Nov 2004..and we were married in Dec. 2004. I was 19, he was 20. We weren't even old enough to legally drink at our wedding, lol!! Although, that didn't stop us. We moved to our new duty station in Bremerton Washington in 2005. In 2006..we faced a few challenges. 1 was he was getting ready to deploy again..so he was always gone on workups. And the 2nd one was that my mom passed away. A few months after she died, he had to deploy for 7 months. Those were the worst months of my life. I didn't have my mom, and I didnt have my husband. We talked almost every day, but it wasn't the same as having him home. By Aug 07, he was home, and things started to get better. We moved to our newest duty station in Maryland with our 3 cats in Aug of 2008..and have been here every since (even adding a 4th cat to the picture, lol). We'll be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this December. I think all the hardships have brought us closer than ever.


"I'm beautiful in my way. 'Cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, baby. I was Born This Way"~Lady Gaga <3
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So I met my husband the summer after I graduated highschool when we were both counselors for a junior high summer camp. He was 9 years older than me, absolutely amazing, and I never thought he would be interested. Luckily, he was, and about a year and a half into our relationship, we both knew this was it, and decided that we would get married the summer after I graduated college. So, I told him I wanted a year to plan the wedding, we looked at engagement rings, etc. We were living apart at the time (me in southern CA, him in Sacramento) and so every time I saw him, I was hoping and expecting. And, nothing. So we're getting close to this year deadline, and we're getting ready to go back up to camp again as program staff. Surely, this would be it. But, the night before we leave he tells me that he still couldn't afford a ring but he was workign hard, etc. ... after telling me all summer about the new ipod he bought, car stereos, expensive shoes, etc. Needless to say, I was mad, and hurt, especially since I wanted a super tiny and inexpensive ring.

The next night we get up to camp and we're hanging out at a friend's house (oddly enough, the house we later moved in to after we got married and moved up there to work full time) when they said the bear was out. Sean asked me if I wanted to go see the bear, since I had never seen any of them. I almost said no, but went along anyway. So we're hiking up this trail in the dark without flashlights (luckily we both know this camp like the back of our hands) when we get to the clearing where a little chapel is- my favorite spot in camp. There are literally hundreds of little votive candles on all the benches, and our friend is playing some soft guitar music in the background. He drops to one knee and tells me that he wants to spend the rest of his life showing me how much he loves me, and asks me to marry him. I said yes and he pulls out a ring (amazing! twice the size I wanted but I adjusted ) He then gives me a journal that he had kept ever since we decided to get married- it talked about picking out the ring, about asking my dad for my hand, telling my mom, etc. It also talked about all the little lies he was telling me about spending money on other things, and about the fight he staged the night before to throw me off track. Sneaky sneaky. But, it was such a thoughtful and heartfelt proposal (he cried!) that it didn't even matter. We've been married over 4 years now.

Fighting back from the regain

Strong is the new skinny.
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doing it for me
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Awwww I love this!!!

So happy for all you lovely ladies who found such great guys! Fingers crossed someone'll turn up for me soon (preferably someone who isn't as much a twat as the guys I've been seeing so far...)
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I love all these storires and I have tears in my eyes.

Well, I met mine playing on online video game!! ( I am a total geek and I LOVE IT!!) I have friends that play and we were playing together and he started playing with us. Well we would chat back and forth and this was over the last 4-5 years and we became online friends. He is a bit younger then me and I would always tease him that if we ever met he would be my younger man fling!! Well last June he called me and said that he was in Indiana and had a day free suddenly and wanted to know if my offer to show him the city was still available (I was in Chicago at the time - he lives in Lousiana), I said, "Sure." Well he came into town and we went out to lunch and I took him to the lake and to wrigley field and downtown. We had stopped at Target to pick up something, I forget what, when he turned around with this funny unsure kind of look on his face and he kissed me. He turned back around and we finished shopping and went back to the house. Talk about sexual tension filling the air!! Needless to say he wound up staying the night. Before he left we talked about what happened. I was just out of a relationship and not really interesed in dating and he was not wanting to do a LDR. So we both agreed that if we were still single and he was in the area that we could hang out and well...you know. Anyway about three months later I had the opportunity to relocate to Texas to be closer to my family and I took it. When I told Will he was like, "I am sooo glad you are moving closer, I have strong feelings for you and I can't get you out of my mind. THere is something about you that has reached out and grabbed my heart." I moved here last July and we have been dating ever since. He is my number one support and who I am as a person is better because he is in my life.
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Here's mine

I met my soon to be husband online over our love of the same music. (Napster chattin')

At the time I was still living in Australia and in my senior year of High School. We became very close friends until a couple of years later we both realised that we liked each other than just as friends. I flew to Canada to meet him for the first time. He greeted me with a huge bunch of pink roses and a sweet hug and we shared our first kiss.

After my trip I went back to Australia and decided that we needed to be together so I applied for a working visa in Canada, he came to Australia to pick me up then I moved to Canada with him. I stayed a year in Canada on my working visa then applied for permanent residency and we have been togther since!

We are getting married in July 2011.

**Weight Loss Journey Began July 22, 2013**

1st Goal - Reach 199lbs
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Here's mine:

Hubby and I met one gloomy winter night... or one nice summer afternoon, depending on whose point of view you'll tell the story. But because I am telling the story, I'll tell it from my point of view: it was a gloomy winter night in Argentina, where I'm from. And I was bored and sad because all my friends were on their missions for our church. I wanted to practice my English so as usual I got online, on good ol' ICQ that nobody uses anymore to talk with someone. Hubby was getting ready to go to the movies with some co-workers and we will never know what movie it was. But it was June 22nd, 2001. And we became friends in the blink of an eye. And we liked each other. And we fell in love.

Imagine that! We fell in love with someone we'd never seen in person at a time when online-relationships were not as usual as they are now! But we were happy with the idea of one day having something, although that "one day" seemed at times further than we'd ever imagine. Summers came, Winters went, he sent in his papers for his mission (we share the same religion), he didn't get to go because of some health issues... And I became his mission. Wink wink. So he visited me for the first time on March 4, 2004, three days after we had met online. Glorious day! I look back and feel the chills that I felt back then running down my spine. I went to the airport. I waited anxiously for a few minutes that felt eternal. I loved him and I knew it and I wondered how things were going to turn out... were we going to start from the beginning all over again and flirt, or were we going to start where we had left the last time we talked on the phone? Naturally, the second option came in spontaneously to both of us and we hugged and knew it. It was us. It was for ever.

Three weeks later we got engaged, I went through chaos and war and back to peace with my parents when hubby was gone. Their baby girl was getting married to a stranger she met online forever ago. But those three years since we had met on ICQ seemed a breeze and a blink of an eye in comparison to the months we were engaged and apart. Hubby had a life in the US; he had to come back, he had to work, save and go back to me. Everything seemed to fail, he couldn't get the money to go back to Argentina. In the mean time, I continued studying and finished attending all my classes to become a Spanish Language and Literature teacher. As much as that kept me busy, I missed him terribly and he loneliness literally hurt me (and made me lose 20lbs). I felt the pain in my body. That's how much I missed him. And I never believed such feeling was possible!

Christmas came, New Year's eve went, 2005 started and he wasn't there and I had no reason at all to celebrate. No reason to stay in that town, the only town I knew as home, and walk down those streets that didn't feel the same since he had left. It sucked and I wanted to leave. And I did something crazy and left. I moved to Córdoba, a 5 million people city in northern Argentina, in a failed attempt not to miss him. I was starting to give up hope that we'd be together again one day, and give up love until the Sunday before Valentine's he called me briefly; he couldn't talk very long because he had his whole family over. But what about me? I was going to marry him, I needed him, and I didn't have him. And we hung up and I cried by the phone as if it were a lame soap opera. Two days later, on Valentine's day he showed me via webcam the tickets to go back to Argentina. "Go back home," as he called it (of course when he actually got to live there he changed his mind ).The Sunday he called me, when he had his family over, it was actually his farewell.

He came back on my dad's birthday--yeah, right, he came back to snatch my dad's only baby girl... ON HIS OWN BIRTHDAY! That, of course, brought in some minor chaos again, but they liked him in the end. And we dated for some months and we struggled because we'd never dated before. But one thing was clear: I was meant for him and he was meant for me and it was for ever. And forever became a reality on September 22nd, 2005. That's right, we're about to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

Now we don't know what lies ahead. But we do know that whatever it is that lies ahead we'll face it happily, holding hands, like we always did. We love, respect and admire each other and we feel we've been together for an eternity already. In a good way... like we've known each other before we came to earth and now we know each other like the back of our hands and every passing day we fall more and more in love with one other. Life won't be enough to spend it together. I love this great man that is my husband and the father of my daughter. I respect him and admire him. I will never get enough of him.
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