Have any of you ever been fired? :(

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  • I got a new job, moved 1000 miles away with my husband for it, and got fired on the 2nd day! I hated the job the 1st day. So I'm not all that upset, and I wasn't making nearly what a person with a college degree should. I did not deserve to be let go. Its just soooo upsetting! I'm a great worker...
  • Yep. I've been downsized. I wasn't terribly broken up over it since I wasn't esp. enjoying the stress and I wasn't the only one it happened to. Several people were let go.

    I'm sure you are a great worker -- I hope you find something you like better!

  • Yup. When I began my 3-year curacy stint, it was a given that a full time post would be available.
    6 months before the end of the 3 years, I was told that I was a fantastic all-rounder who could be employed in a wide variety of locations.
    I was summoned to hear where I was to be offered - and the bp read through a folder of all the vacancies and explained why they wouldn't be suitable. Even got me to identify some of them for myself - too senior a post, wouldn't accept a woman etc.
    I got so excited at the big build up as to where my place was to be. Then he closed the folder and said, that's it. We have nothing for you. Start answering ads in the paper.
    Crushed doesn't begin to cover it!
    However, 13 years on now, I would not have missed for the world the jobs that I did do - although you can hear it still rankles!
  • Heck yes I have.

    Once when I was in high school....but that was my fault and a stupid hostess job so I don't really think about it or feel that bad. I was young and stupid.

    A couple of years ago, I was managing a restaraunt and one day, just out of the blue, they told me it wasn't working out and let me go. They literally would not give me any more reason than that. They hinted that they were considering not having a specific manager in that location and having a floating regional manager that would go from one restaraunt to another in the area, but a few weeks later, they had hired another manager for the one that I worked at. It felt awful. Especially considering that I was working in my very small hometown and everyone knew about it within hours of me getting fired. I remember just driving around and crying, not wanting to tell my family.

    I still don't know what I did wrong, if anything and it's still kind of embarassing and hurtful, but hey, it's all part of the journey and I'm glad I don't work there now! I'm sorry dear, I'm sure there is something better right around the corner!
  • I kind of fired myself once. It was a not-terribly-important shop job. I hated it and my boss was a sleaze who was always making pervy comments to me.
    We got in an argument about whether I was going to be allowed to go home on time and I accidentally told him to go and.... do something not very pleasant to himself

    I'm not proud of it. I should have just taken a deep breath, sucked it up and later handed my notice in but I lost my cool in the moment and it came out before I had given myself time to think about it. I walked home shaking and in tears but really, he or the job wasn't worth it. It was a relief to leave!
  • I was fired from a job I had for 13 years. I had worked my way from peon up to top dog. The work was pretty stressful, and the pay sucked, but I stayed out of some sense of loyalty to this place.

    They didn't feel any loyalty to me when they canned me.

    It was humiliating and I still cringe and have bad memories every time I drive by there (I avoid it if at all possible) because I have all this guilt about it.

    But, I was only out of work one month, then found this terrific job I have now (going on 4 years) with retirement, paid sick/vacation, etc. etc. The upside is I LOVE my job now, no dread.

    Good luck, you'll find something that fits soon!
  • I was fired from my last job because of 'poor performance' and a 'bad attitude'.

    The job was an extremely busy one (meant for two people really, but, y'know, budget cuts) and I wasn't being trained properly, I had next to no support and when I commented on this, I was basically told to just shut up and get on with it. How dare I question the management! Oh, and fyi, my replacement has been signed off with stress for three months.

    The lovely irony is, the guy who fired me was fired from his new job after less than three months. AND it made the national news because it was quite high-profile. I allowed myself a small gloat.

    Anyway, I should be thanking them because them firing me spurred me into losing weight, generally bettering myself and landing a very nice little job that I recently got my first ever promotion in. So good things DO come out of being fired.
  • That's sad that after 1000 mile move they fire you after only 1 day. You didn't even get a good chance. The first day is usually just filling out paper work and getting introduced around. Did they say what the problem was?

    I think everyone has been fired or let go from a job at one time or another. I've lost 2 jobs-1 my own fault and deserved it when I was in high school-it was an ice cream parlor and my very first job and all of a sudden I became very popular and gave ice cream to my friends for free-who would have thought it was considered stealing. and even though I deserved it after a long heart to heart from the owner of the store, I was a long time getting over it. It taught me so much about honesty.

    The other was a change in policy, they gave me 2 week severence pay and I was ok with it-still sad and crying but I got over it. I was still young and lived at home.

    Good luck
  • Thanks everyone. Sarah, I didn't fill out ANY paperwork! I think she hired me to get my curriculum. I feel absolutely betrayed. I have never been fired. I know how to teach, and I am so hurt someone did this to me. They said "it wasn't working out" and I wasn't interacting with the children. I WAS, and the children acted better for me than the other teacher. I do have consequences when a child does something wrong (I got hit in the face, so I sat the child down and told him that was not ok) I really think they were using me... I'm so upset. But I did sen her a strongly, but professional, worded e-mail.

    And since, I have put out tons of resumes, I have had 4 job interviews already! They all went GREAT! I have 2 tomorrow, 1 Saturday, 2 Monday, then 1 on Tuesday.

    Wish me luck!!
  • Wow, this woman had some sort of secret agenda. 1 day after knowing you moved 1000 miles for it?


    Good luck with your job interviews

    I got fired from Tim Hortons at 16 but that doesn't really count.
  • Brown: GOOD FOR YOU! I wanted to do this sooo bad with this job. But my husband and I are broker than broke. I am so stressed about paying bill. No clue how I'm gonna get them paid now. And I don't wanna tell my family. Even though it wasn't my fault, I'm humiliated. I told MY side, and my mom is looking at Craigslist for me. But my inlaws have no idea.
  • I got fired once in high school. Honestly, I know I did NOTHING wrong. They just wanted to give the job to someone else.
  • Quote:
    On a better note, 3 months ago I quit my most recent job of 5 years by saying "F*** this. I'm done." and walking out in the middle of a shift. I still feel so amazing about it. Everyone should do it at least once; lord knows we've probably all fantasized about it once or twice.
    I freelance once in a while now while passively looking for something else in another field--28 and trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up. .
    I've done that!! It was scary, and I cried like the world was ending all the way home. I worked for them for 10 years. In my 9th year, I moved from NC to California to get married and I transferred.
    I went from a top notch, push button lab to one that was from the stone age! I had to drive 30 minutes from home to work and on my way in, they would call and tell me they were cutting hours and not to come in for another 2 hours!
    The final straw was an undeserved review and pay cut, with a snarky comment "We are all lucky to even have a job right now."
    I locked myself in the bathroom and cried and called my husband. He told me to quit and I did.
    I am now working at a kids clothing store and have gotten a promotion to supervisor and than to assistant manager. I'd say I have landed on my feet just fine!
    I hope you land a awseome job soon!!
    But my husband and I are broker than broke. I am so stressed about paying bill. No clue how I'm gonna get them paid now.
    You'll be amazed at how the bills managed to get paid even when there is less money coming in. My husband and I had to tighten our belts for 6 months before I found work. Made and stuck to a shopping list budget. Cut spending for stuff like movies and gave up snacks which helped with weight loss. I had a 401k that I rolled over into an IRA. There was $7 grand and it lasted 6 months. Just as the money ran out, I found work. You'll find something soon, I just know it!!
  • I wasn't fired, but I also walked out of a job once in the middle of my shift. I was working in a mens' clothing store for a pompous jerk who had a handlebar moustache and answered the phone, "Good afternoon, <store name>, this is Thomas E Dilly." (Not his real name, but close enough). Anyway, he was a jerk and one day he lectured me and told me that I need to give him the respect that was his due. So after lunch I came in and told him I was done, I quit. Turned in my badge and walked out. Here's your respect, Mr. Dilly! LOL

    I don't recommend it in this current tight economy, but it felt good at the time.
  • I've been downsized a few times and lost my job to closings, but I've only been fired once.... I was propositioned by the owner of the place where I worked when I was 19. When I told him no, he told me that I needed "to come sit in my car when you get off work, give me a kiss and THINK about it". Needless to say, I avoided him. Three days later I was fired.... because I was "not productive enough". The jerks actually tried to fight my unemployment, sent a manager to the hearing and everything, but of course they couldn't refute the proof I had that I worked hard, and I won. I was too young to know that I had a lawsuit in my hands.