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Default Scalloped tongue? o.0

This has never happened to me before, but I woke up this morning with indentations from my teeth all along the side of my tongue. My tongue was also kind of sore. I have been googling away, but all it's told me is that it's from either chewing on my tongue or having a swollen tongue and that it can be caused by a variety of disorders I don't have. I figure it might have something to do with calorie restriction, because I've been operating on 1100-1200 for a few days and I am definitely feeling the whole grumpy/dizzy/headachy combo. Has anyone else had this?

Thanks for your help with my wacky problem.
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When I had some serious sleep issues that included insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep walking and some others, I would wake a lot of times with teeth marks on the sides of my tongue. I really have no idea the cause of it to be honest and now that I changed a lot of things in life and my health has improved so has my sleep and I no longer have the tongue issue. I hope you can get something figured out on it because I know how aggravating it is
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It may be from teeth grinding or jaw clenching during sleep. Especially if you slept on that side of your body. I wouldn't waste much time worrying about it UNLESS it continues to cause soreness or pain. Then I'd suggest seeing your dentist.
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I had this issue a couple of years ago and I asked my doctor. She said it tends to happen as we get older...something to do with our tongue growing. She even showed me her tongue and it looked the same. I wouldnt worry about it. Mine eventually went away.
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did you by any chance eat something salty or acidic like say... almonds or tomato sauce? i had the same thing about 2 weeks ago and i was going nuts then remembered- duh- almonds.

the only think i could find that looked like my tongue on google was herpes and i was freaking the heck out! lol
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Any chance you're a tongue thruster? If your front teeth are pushed out ahead of your other teeth, there's a good chance you are. I am, they tried to correct it with tongue therapy when I was a kid but it didn't really help. I sometimes wake up in the morning and my mouth is sore because I've been pushing my tongue against my teeth so hard.
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