The positives of being thinner....

  • I know that most people say that I should think of better times when I am thinner, and to live every day to the fullest, as I am now. I know that there is A LOT of truth in the saying, and I am also wondering....what about the possibility that things are better when one carries less weight?

    I can name possible positives of carrying less weight (aside from better health, of course), more flexibility---both in clothing options and physical, not having to feel uncomfortable in too tight chairs, being able to participate at an at least average in group sports, being able to shop in average size clothing stores, not having to adjust the car seat too much, having more overall stamina, etc.

    What are some positives that you attribute to carrying less weight?
  • More energy. I can hike when I'm not so fluffy - which I have no energy to do otherwise. And living in AK - there's not a lot to do BUT hike sometimes. I'm totally winded after climbing a few stairs.

    More confidence. I want intimacy way less with a little added fluff, no matter how much lingerie I buy.

    More beauty! When I'm healthier, my hair, and my skin, and my body just seem to glow. You can TELL I feel good, from the inside out.

    More comfortable. Clothes fit better, which makes me feel like my skin fits better, and my life fits better. Weird right? But totally true.

    I think that's what it really comes down to. Life fits better. I don't have to worry about my hammy thighs not letting me fit under the steering wheel (I have super short legs so I have to get as close as possible). I don't have to worry about tight jeans and muffin tops. I don't have to worry about hiking an extra half mile, and whether or not it's going to be the end of me. I just don't have to worry as much. I feel super narcissistic when I'm over weight because I'm always worrying about the next big obstacle that's going to come. And when I'm healthier - there's just not that many things to worry about. I feel like when I'm over weight, I spend SO much of my energy thinking about how everything will effect me and trying to find some kind of balance. It's always all about me in my head. My hammy thighs, my crap lungs, my zero stamina. There are billions of people in this world, and my thighs should not have to be a priority in my thought process!

    My skin fits, and I'm less stressed when I'm the healthier version of me.
  • I really liked your post. I do think that a thinner me (thinner, but not emaciated or underweight, just thinner) would be a more comfortable me.
  • Amen on the stairs! I was mortified at how I would gasp and sweat for 15-20 minutes after climbing three flights of stairs.
  • I am loving that my fitness is increasing, I'm not as tired, have more energy, don't feel so self conscious, gosh I'm all buzzy now
  • For me thinner is better cause of the military, lol. They are starting to get serious about fitness and standards. Which honestly I think is awesome. Even though Im gonna have to work at it every day...a fit military is better then a fat one!!!!
  • Just doing daily chores or those weekends working outside - you can do it and not be totally exhausted from the smallest of things.