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Default Anyone else transforming more than just their weight?

Being that this is the first time I have really taken weight loss seriously, it's really changed my whole perspective of, well, everything! It has inspired me not only to change the outside, but the inside as well. For instance:

I started a Buddhist spiritual discussion group and it's been a success! Last night was our 2nd meeting- food was good, conversation was better. So much fun!

I am finishing up my degree. Kinda lit a fire under my butt to stop taking my time with it and GET IT DONE!

And I am looking for a new job that might pay a little more, but moreso will be challenging to me, so I'm not so bored every day.

To be honest, I now consider the change to be from the inside out, instead of the outside in. What about you guys?

And some dancing thingies for your entertainment~

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I'm moving in two months. Going to be looking for a roommate (I currently live alone) and I'm hoping to find a job working with other young adults. So I'm changing my geography, my occupation, and really looking to expand my social network. In general, I'd say I'm just looking to live, because right now I tend to just watch.
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I started my journey of weight loss with a clear set goal in mind - be thin and healthy. Along the way, many unexpected things happened. I have changed my weight, yes... but my perspective has been the thing that's changed the most. I think that I have changed more than my weight has...
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How great this post is. I've been feeling so down lately. The weight is more of a symptom--although it can be part of the disease because I let it stop me from doing things I want to do. Like you, Aclai, I tend to watch. And I've been watching now for so long that I have trouble figuring out what I want to do. Kind of like learned helplessness, you know? I've been telling myself for decades (God, has it really been DECADES?) that once I lose weight I can ____ [fill in the blank: meet a decent man, pursue a meaningful career, move out of NoVA, etc.].

It's very hard to turn that mind-set on its head and pursue things I want first *before* losing weight, but it's become increasingly clear that adopting a healthy lifestyle in regards to food goes hand-in-hand with adopting a healthy lifestyle in general. But it's very, very hard to do.
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I've transformed my entire attitude toward food (now I grow it, or get it at the farmer's market, and eat in season...plus I cook!). I've also made myself over into a chef and love to try new chefly pursuits (canning, baking breads, making cheese, etc).
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I love this post!

Each time in my life that I've lost a significant amount of weight, it has coincided with a decision to tackle all of the things in my life that need improvement.

Unfortunately, this also means that I've lost and gained weight more times in my life than I care to admit - but this is because my weight and how I treat my body is a symptom of the larger issues in my life that I need to live with. Those people for whom this is true, in my opinion, can truly learn a lot about themselves from the process of changing the things in their life that don't work for them, including their weight.

This time around, I'm struggling with many, many things. But I have this sense of optimism and excitement that I haven't had in years ... and it's wonderful :c arrot:
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I've changed quite a bit. I don't see food as the enemy that I can't conquer. I learned what was beneficial for me and that's what we keep in the house. Both my husband and I cook more. We changed our approach to eating out. We never go to a restaurant if we can get the nutritional information and when we do we decide ahead of time to manage our intake. My environment has been modified to reflect focus and order. I keep track of what is required of me at work on my calendar so it all gets done. I do better with order in my life.
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YES! I thought this so much that I put it as a quote on my signature. To me, weight loss has its own benefits, but it's a journey of total self improvement. I am already a VERY different person than I was! More confident, more assertive, healthier, pursuing a new career, am more open and able to make friends, and am finally letting go of old "hurts."

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No words of widsom. After years of reflection and dieting, I still don't have this thing figured out.
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I have been working on other areas of my life that need a lot of help and that have been neglected. Slowly but surely, I think that with the weigt loss and working on these things, I will be more of the person that I really want to be, instead of the way I am now.
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Yes, I have been trying to change some other things about myself as well. I noticed that when I was larger I used sarcasm a lot as a mechanism of coping with things. Now I am trying to break that habit. I have also started wearing contacts again instead of glasses. I have changed my hair too. I'm growing it out long, and I have been straightening it. That's a huge deal for me because when I was heavier I just didn't care how I looked because I had decided that no one else cared.

So I am working slowly on somethings like my insecurities and sarcasm.
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My entire outlook on life has changed. I feel like there is nothing I can't strive for, there is nothing to hold myself back. I have never felt so alive! Also, this has been a huge lesson in self-acceptance for me. This is the most amazing process!
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It seems nearly everything in my life has changed. Weight loss had a real snowball effect.
I changed career paths and now I have a job that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I joined a gym and now have a busier social/event calendar as I'm slowly becoming involved in events/challenges there.

Eating better/ exercising lifted me from a depression I didn't even know I was in.

I keep up with my house more.

I'm more confident, I want to go out and do things now,

I watch much less TV, and read much more.

Overall I'm less lazy, happier, brighter, everything in my life improved and that's not an exaggeration at all. Sometimes I amazed a what the decision to "eat better" did to my life!
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I feel like I am taking charge over more areas of my life, and I am more cognizant of when I am slipping or getting back into bad behaviors. I am also putting more effort into my outward appearance and seriously thinking about how I will accomplish my goals, rather than just having them be some free floating "some day" kind of dreams.
Mo cuishle means my darling. My blood.
I get a smiley for every 5lbs. lost!

02/23-318lbs. 03/23 - 309lbs! 9lbs lost in 1 month!
01/01- 305lbs. New Year! 1st goal -- get below 300lbs!
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In 2010 I'm changing jobs, moving, moving in with a boy, getting married (to that same boy), working out regularly for the first time ever, and working hard to lose these last 16 pounds before the big day. It's a huge year for changes.

I've personally found that working out has helped me spiritually - I've finally got some alone time!
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This thread makes me so happy and I totally agree.
When I'm at at my fittest, the other goals in my life line up better. I sleep better, I eat better, I get regular check ups,I make better decisions... the works!
National Women's Health Week is in May and it's been very encouraging to see how other women around the country are taking small steps to ensure their health. You can find the GE Better Pledge for Better Health on Facebook and Twitter!
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