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his eyes. they are just beautiful.
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I met my bf (of 7 or so years now) online. The first thing I noticed was a picture he drew so I wanted to chat with him and give a compliment.

and I asked him this same question ... he told me he noticed my curiosity.

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That it was 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon and she was wearing a strand of pearls.
Followed quickly by that we clearly didn't have the same sense of humor, as my sarcastic comment went zooming by her.

And the backstory: I was taking a nap during the afternoon my first semester at college when she knocked on my door. I answered in a sleepy hazy and she said "hi, i'm looking for a new room to live in, this is one of my choices. Is it quiet here??" I said "Its 3pm in the afternoon and I'm taking a nap. What do you think?". She looked around, walked away and I thought I'd never see her again. Three weeks later, she moved in; it worked out better than first-impressions lead me to believe
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Gotta run!
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His eyes... he has these amazing kind of amberish eyes and his smile. He was always smiling at me.

I asked him what he noticed first about me once and he gave me the typical man answer - LoL. But, 10 years and 40ish pounds later he says he just loves me more.
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The first time i met the OH, we were working together in an inventory that I was in charge of so I actually don't remember that much about him..then a couple weeks later we were in another inventory and got stuck counting the same stuff together for 4 we chatted and then I noticed how good looking he was. And I distinctly remember him telling me that when he first met me, he thought I was strange and a little weird..haha..little did he know we'd get together and still be together!
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Loving life!!
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I noticed his green eyes That and the fact he blushed beet red when a friend introduced us in the 10th grade lol
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No more +sizes
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His skin. It was so smooth and creamy looking. Not a blemish or scar anywhere. I used to stare at his face all the time...still do. It's like melted milk chocolate mixed with peanut butter....oh yea I'm at work. LOL
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His laugh got my attention - his smile was AMAZING - but his eyes are what kept my attention! They were so expressive & deep, almost like you could see straight into his soul <sigh> I was hooked the first moment I looked in his eyes and 18 yrs later I'm still hooked
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I noticed him way back when I was in 4th grade and he was in 5th grade. I always thought he was cute but I did not notice him again until we were in the same class when I was in 10th grade and I thought he was the biggest jerk and he made me cry. Ugh I just could not stand him but he was so cute and funny. He always thought I was stuck up but he liked me also. Also he is 6'2 so I was like wow he's tall. I was dating someone and so was he so we never talked or anything. So when I went to 11th grade and the year was almost over and my boyfriend broke up with me for the millionth time I was like whatever and then I told a guy friend to tell my future husband that I wanted to "hit that". My husband did not believe the guy so my husband started to talk to me more and he could tell by the way I smiled that I liked him. We started dating in 2001 and the rest is history. We got married Nov 8, 2003 and he left for the Army about 10 days after we got married.

Its weird how I could not stand him and vice versa and now we have 2 kids and have been married for over 6 years. Also once I got to know him he was the nicest guy that I have ever met and still to this day we are madly in love. He's my everything
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His intelligence was the first thing I noticed (we had statistics class together in college!), once we started talking, I realized he has this Amazingly Gracious heart. His good looks are just a plus! (I am not just saying that either, there are times I look at him and think "you should be on the cover of GQ!)
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