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Default Man Sues Fast Food Chains

Hmmmmmmmmmmm....Had To share this with you.....

NEW YORK (July 26) - A man sued four leading fast food chains, claiming he became obese and suffered from other serious health problems from eating their fatty cuisine.

Caesar Barber, 56, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Bronx Supreme Court, naming McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

``They said `100 percent beef.' I thought that meant it was good for you,'' Barber told Newsday. ``I thought the food was OK.''

``Those people in the advertisements don't really tell you what's in the food,'' he said. ``It's all fat, fat and more fat. Now I'm obese.''

Barber, a 5-foot-10 maintenance worker who weighs 272 pounds, had heart attacks in 1996 and 1999 and has diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He said he ate fast food for decades, believing it was good for him until his doctor cautioned him otherwise.

``The fast food industry has wrecked my life,'' Barber told the New York Post.

Barber said there is no history of heart disease or diabetes in his family. He said he started eating fast food in the 1950s because it was cheap and efficient.

His lawyer, Samuel Hirsch, said the restaurants should list ingredients on their menus.

``There is direct deception when someone omits telling people food digested is detrimental to their health,'' Hirsch said.

The four chains have been providing nutritional information, including carlorie and fat content, of their meals for many years.

Steven Anderson, chief executive and president of the National Restaurant Association, called Barbers claim ``senseless and baseless.''

``Obviously the lawsuit is a blatant attempt to capitalize on the recent publicity and news stories on the growing rates of obesity,'' he said.
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UH can anybody say "BRAINS"!!!! Is that crazy or what! Boy half of the world would be millionares if they went into litigations with the fast food industry. I think they should really check the guys mental status. Because he has to have a loose nut somewhere. What is this world coming to?

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Oh Wow. You mean fast food isn't all natural? Geez Louise. I guess I had better call my lawyer.

What a maroon.
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so can i sue my university for having exams that cause me undue stress?
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I don't know who to be more disgusted with. The guy who's suing or the lawyer who's representing him.

Can't you just see it...millions of people jump on a class action lawsuit against fast food chains. Then if they win the fast food chains would be forced to pay out billions and billions of dollars and they'd all go out of business. Americans would begin dieing of starvation.

Barber is officially the most money-grubbing idiot in the world.

BTW, I'm still upset they are paying money to those in the suit against the tobacco companies. What is this world coming to that people have stopped taking responsibility for their decisions???
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Um, personal responsibility, anybody?

Ya hate to wish anyone ill, but maybe if this guy becomes a NATIONAL JOKE people will realize that you have to be accountable for your own actions.
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Exclamation Well it's gotten worse

These 2 fat girls ages 14 and 13 are suing McDonalds cause thier obese. Thier parents say they didn't know the food was bad. Talk about NNNNNNOOOOOOOO accountabilty. I just couldn't believe it.
Ms. Chris
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This is so ridiculous. There should be some sort of penalty assessed to these people for frivilous lawsuits. Like, if they don't win the suit, they have to pay a penalty. A BIG one. Maybe that would stop some of these people from doing this. My God, the possibilities of these lawsuits are ENDLESS. I hate to see what will come next.
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I love how everything can be blamed on someone else. Gosh, I kinda feel sorry for this guy.
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Question Man Sues Fast Food Chains

I saw this on Dr. Phil a week ago. I can't understand what people are thinking of. There was a mother suing also because her daughter is over weight. Dr. Phil asked "Who made you take this girl to McDonalds all those times?" This is rediculous, we need to take responsibility for ourselves.
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Default man suing fast food

Can we say personal accountability? Duh What is society teaching our children when lawsuits such as this are permitted- Remember the lady that sued McD's for HOT coffee.- What was she thinking? Character education in schools won't work if adults don't have be held accountable for their own actions and choices. Isn't that what we tell our kids when they get in trouble was that they choose to do so and now must suffer the consequences. If the guy is that stupid- he needs a sign!!!

Plus you can't tell me his Dr never asked what he was eating to gain so much weight. During my pregnancy i gained too much weight between appointments and the first words out of my Dr's mouth was- what have you been eating?

It's called responsibility.
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The article that was mentioned about the girls suing mcdonalds was in this weeks people magazine. I can't believe they honestly thought the food was healthy. UGH. I guess ignorance is'nt always blissfull.
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Were these people living under a rock somewhere with no tv, radio, computers or print media? They must have been for them not to know that fast food is not good for you.

Guess these people are trying to make a fast buck for themselves.
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Originally posted by NicoleNYC
Um, personal responsibility, anybody?

Ya hate to wish anyone ill, but maybe if this guy becomes a NATIONAL JOKE people will realize that you have to be accountable for your own actions.

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