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Default Did you marry your best friend?

What made it change? How did it happen? Was it mutual, or did one person develop it long afterwards? How long did it take? Did they ever say they didn't like you that way, and swore it wouldn't ever change....until it did? All the juicy details please
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I married my best friend! I was 16 he was 22 and I 1st saw him playing basketball he was on crutches but still played really well. so off and on we would see each other both had mutual crushes on each other but neither new it. both our families said she's too young. then a year later I was riding down town with a friend and I spotted him.(he was with a friend in another car)we made eye contact I told my friend pull over and he did the same it was weird we both did exactly the same thing at the same time we ran toward each other and kissed right in front of a red light needless to say our friends were blown away. we got married a year later. we have been best friends every since. everyone said we wouldn't last a year that was 26 years ago and we still can't stand to be apart.
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Whip, that is officially the cutest story I have ever heard. It sounds like something out of a movie! I'm glad things turned out so well
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Originally Posted by polarisx89 View Post
Whip, that is officially the cutest story I have ever heard. It sounds like something out of a movie! I'm glad things turned out so well
Thank you I am lucky not only did I find a best friend I found my soul mate
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Aww that really is the cutest story ever... and your from Maryland like me... do you have an adorable son? haha
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I did! It took him about 2-3 months to make a pass but finally it happened after being inseperable initially. He and I both attended the same university--he was in one of the Master's programs and I was in undergraduate. We had a class together and struck up a conversation--within a couple of weeks we had to work on a project together and we just had so much in common--couldn't quit talking!
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DH and I went to high school together, 2 years apart though (he's older). We were in the same social circle, but weren't really close - plus, I was stuck in a horrible relationship most of high school. When I was a junior (and newly single), two of our best friends tried to set us up, which failed miserably. I hated being pushed into it and wound up making out with a different guy at the party we were at (DH still gives me cr*p about that).

We actually wound up getting together about a year later and have been together ever since (nearly 7 years). He's fantastic - I can't even describe how lucky I feel every single day We were married privately in January of this year (mostly to get him access to my insurance) and are planning a wedding with our friends and family for next summer.
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Whip... I'm with the others.... CUTEST.STORY.EVER.
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Originally Posted by Tibouchina View Post
What made it change? How did it happen? Was it mutual, or did one person develop it long afterwards? How long did it take? Did they ever say they didn't like you that way, and swore it wouldn't ever change....until it did? All the juicy details please
Let's see how can I make this into a short version.........................

We met in college in 1994 we both had just gotten out of relationships. I was in a convenience store with a friend and he was in there with his buddies. On our way back to campus he asked if he and his friends could walk us back? Well duh yeah I mean since you're already going that way.

So we get back on campus and he asks for my phone number I gave it to him and he called that night. We only had 3 months left before summer break and I had already decided to transfer to a school back at home. So we would meet up on campus and go for walks, go to the movies out to eat etc.

He asked me to come back in the fall but I had made up my mind and honestly glad I didn't stay we might have hooked up and ended up going our seperate ways later.

Okay moving along I went home and my birthday was in 2 weeks, so I'm home and I hear the doorbell I opened the door and there was a delivery man with a huge bouquet of balloons and flowers. I was hoping they were from my ex-boyfriend but they were from DH.

Over the years we became the best of friends, I didn't want to do another long distance relationship and I didn't really see him in that way. I mean he is very handsome and the sweetest guy ever but I was still in love with my ex messing with him on and off so I couldn't see pass that.

In 1999 I finally put things to an end with my ex and not long after that DH started having issues in his relationship and I was beginning to look at him differently. We would confide in each other about everything!

Our feelings grew and we would become jealous when the other would go out on dates with other people I realized that I was falling in love with him and one night while we were on the phone without a thought I just blurted it out. Once I realized I said it I was like Oh! God I can't believe I just said that and his response was "It's okay because I love you too".

We began a 3 yr long distance relationship, was engaged for 18 months and have been married for 6 years now. We have 2 kids ( my 13 yr old that he adopted and our 3 yr old together).

There is nothing like being friends (no strings attached) first before marriage, there's always that foundation.

Sorry I tried to make it short
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Oh yes!!!

I met my hubby in the 8th grade. We didn't really like each other..I thought he was goofy looking, and he called me ugly, but in meaner words, lol. He denies this of course, but I know what he said.

We didn't become friends until 9th grade. We both hung out with our mutual friend Heather. And she was always pushing us to go out. When we finally did..he fell for me pretty hard right away. He even carved our names on his tree. Of course, I didn't know any of that..and ended up breaking up with him, lol. But we stayed friends, and never stopped liking each other..and Heather never stopped trying to hook us back up, lol. But the timing was always off though.

He was always there for me though. When my mom got diagnosed with cancer again during our sophmore year..he was probably the 3rd person I told. He tried cheering me up, and was just always there for me. In 11th grade..he told me that he was going to join the Navy. I remember being really afraid of losing him forever, so I asked him if I could write to him while he was gone.

I switched schools for my senior year. I missed all my friends, but I missed him the most. So I started inviting him over to hang out, or hanging out with him at the mall, dances, parties, etc. I joined Student Gov at my school, just because he was in at the other school. And thats when it all happened. We ended up going to some student gov. event at another school..and we just got really happy when we saw each other. He ended up stealing my name tag, and giving me his (I still have his btw, lol), and he put a lei on me (I still have that too). By the end of the event..there was a bbq & a dance. We ended up flirting with each other the WHOLE time during the dance. Later that night..we were chatting on the computer about how we both wanted to be in a relantionship. He said all the girls he went out with weren't the right ones. And I was like.."well, maybe the right one is right in front of you" And as soon as I typed that, he called me up..and asked me out. And you know in high school, when someone asks you out and you say yes, you're boyfriend/girlfriend right away, lol.

On our first date, we went to see Final Destation 2. Horrible movie btw. We cuddle up, and I remember him smelling soooooooo good (I ended up buying that colonge for him years later. Whenever he wears it, I remember the 1st date). After the movie..we were just standing around and talking about how many kids we'd have, and what we'd name them, lol. A couple dates later..we talked about getting engaged!! I remember calling up Heather and telling her about that, lol. We screamed for about 20 mins, lol.

Obviously we were pretty serious about each other pretty quickly. About 2 weeks after graduation, he had to leave for boot camp. We were both thinking about breaking up with each other..but we didn't wanna lose each other. The 3 months he was away in boot camp was really hard. We wrote each other A LOT!! I still have all his letters. When he came home from boot I somehow talked my mom into letting him stay with us. Haha, dunno why she agreed to that. But my mom has always liked him. She clearly trusted him with her 18 year old daughter, lol. Or maybe it was cuz I was 18? Who knows. He ended up being stationed on the USS John C. Stennis in San Diego. When he had weekend liberty, he'd always come home and stay with me. Those were some of the best times ever. I loved sitting by the window, waiting to see his car lights.

When we were together for 10 months, we got engaged. In May 2004, he deployed for 6 months. While he was away, I planned our wedding. We were married on Dec. 4, 2004. The ship was dry docked in 2005 in Washington state. So we lived the first 3 years of our marriage in WA. It was a lot of ups and downs. We went through an awful time in 2006 & 2007. My mom passed away in 2006, and he deployed for 7 months in 2007. I believe we are stronger now than ever.

We're stationed in Maryland now..and will have our 5th anniversary next friday!! Yay!! I truly believe he's my soulmate. I can't ever imagine my life without him.
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No, not my best friend.
We were friends before we started dating, but not 'best friends' like I was with my girlfriend and sister. Our relationship was wonderful and exciting and we grew to be very close in a short time, but it was a different kind of closeness.

Even now 30 years later I never say "I'm married to my best friend." We're still very much in love and we enjoy spending time together but we have different hobbies and interests, too. That's part of what makes our relationship work - I may not go hunting or fishing with my husband but I'm always anxious to hear all about it when he gets home.
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