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1. Beer
2. Texting
3. cheese

I also am a newer non smoker, quit back in January, so it hasn't even been a year yet! Congrats to all you quitters out there!
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The 3 things I won't give up are...
Roosters chicken wings...
gummy bears
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One day at a time....
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Height: 5'5''


1 - smoking too....I'm just waiting to be ready
2 - caffiene
3 - pizza
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Live with Intention
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1. Starbucks espresso. I work there and am seriously in love (or is that addicted?)
2. Going out to dinner once a week with my sweetie. I try to keep it healthy, but sometimes only a burger and fries will do.
3. Dove dark chocolate. It is medicinal for me.
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1. Caffeine (I've given it up before, it didn't do anything for me.)
2. Video games
3. Bacon (I use a lot less, but I still cook with it at least once or twice a week!)
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fun thread!

1. coffee
2. lunches with my mom (when I'm in PA... I sure miss our Saturday lunches these days!)
3. 3fc... let's face it... I've got an addiction!
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1. red meat
2. pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaa
3. eating what i want when i'm at a restuarant (if im paying for it to be prepared for me i want it to be special!)
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1. The internet
2. Ipod
3. my tape measure
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Never Say Never
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wow...this ...is a toughy...

1.) Texting (Hehehe Love It!!)
2.) Reading (Currently Reading The Shack totally RECOMMEND!!)
3.) SUBWAYS Veggie Patty (If you havent tried you have to go it is delicious...mmmm oh i think I drooled a bit :P)
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