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Angie has a "pooch"....although a smaller one, since she is smaller than the gal pictured...

I like it....
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No description available.
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I love the pictures! Makes me feel a lot better about my pooch after 3 kids and multiple weight losses over the years. I applaud her bravery and self confidence. A few years ago Jamie Lee Curtis stripped down to her undies for a candid shot of her body without airbrushing, make-up and such. I think it was in More magazine. It was great!
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Here we go again...
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Originally Posted by TracyB73 View Post
My little sister is 11 and she is obsessing over her weight, she works out two hours a day, she wont eat any bad stuff as she calls, it she is constantly on the scale, I told her why, you shouldn't worry about that now, not that much , her reply I want to look like the women in the magazines everyone likes them, I was like that is what is wrong with our girls they aren't shown what is a "Normal person"
I can relate *sheepish face*. When I was a freshman in high school, I started flipping through a Cosmo or some related mag and I saw these pics of models advertising perfume or mascara (read: face closeups). I knew *nothing* about airbrushing and totally believed that these women had super flawless skin. I increased my veggies and fruits and would take really good care of my skin (which is smooth to begin with) and was totally frustrated that after two weeks, I could still see "bumps" and it wasn't smooth like in the mags. I feel so silly now thinking back. I'm also so cynical of all the models I see in these women's mags. They look pretty on the page, but it makes me wonder "are they really this beautiful, or is it just good retouching?" These mags should really think twice about airbrushing to the point of mannequin-ism.
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Maintaining :)
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What a wonderful trend! I hope we see more women that look like us : Thanks for the post, Glory!
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Haley wants to run!
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Originally Posted by WSChick View Post
I have this issue and it's wonderful to see more "normal" and average women in magazines. This is what girls need to see not those sickly stick figures !

I by no means am even close to looking like that but it's much more realistic and beautiful !
same here
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Escape from my fat suit
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Who ever came up with using reed thin models? What were the advertising geniuses thinking?
Dollars and cents. It is all about revenue. Think of the million/billion dieting industry and most Americans are fatter than ever.

It is about time a mag had a better representation of a real woman.

Thank you for sharing this.
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I think she's beautiful.
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This is a great quote from the article and too true:

If magazines run more images like the one on page 194, women may internalize the idea that you can look sexy with messy hair, no clothes or accessories, and a layer of body fat and stop buying products to fix their natural yet somehow "flawed" figures.
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