Anyone have experience with varicocele?

  • Hi chickies,

    My 12 yr old son was referred to a pediatric urology by his pediatrician for a large vein on his scrotum that she called a varicose vein that could cause problems with fertility "later on".

    So we went to the urologist and he wasn't concerned with the surface vein on the scrotum, but said there was a vein inside that was enclosing the left testicle and that he wanted to do surgery.

    Well, after coming home and doing some internet searching, I'm not sure about surgery now.

    So, I was wondering if any one you had gone through this with your son/husband/SO and what did they do?

    Some things I read say that the varicocele may not ever cause a problem and if it does cause trouble with fertility, to have the surgery then.

    So, since he's only 12, we won't be dealing with that for awhile. I'm so wishy-washy on things, I never can make up my mind. I tend to overanalyze everything and then don't know what to do.

    I just wanted to see if anyone else had gone through the surgery and the outcome, or anyone that opted to not have the surgery and the outcome.

    Any advice/input is greatly appreciated.
  • Get a second opinion, exercises, yoga and alternative medicine, then surgery!
    If you are concerned, take a second opinion from an urologist.

    I would advise him to get a corrective surgery done when he enters pubertal growth around 15. I have it and I am 26 years old. No one told me and I also did not worry about this. I am going to the doctor due to pain in my scrotal area after a 3 hour game which I played after a long break from activities. I am sure I'll need a surgery and I suffer from a 25~30% atrophy. I strongly advise to get it fixed before his testicular growth completes which usually is during 15-25. I learned about all this after my pain. You don't want to do what I did. Its good to get it fixed than let it do the damage and then fix it. Testicular atrophy might occur and usually from what I read, after the corrective procedure results are good. In the meanwhile, ask him to eat fibrous food, not stress during bowel movements, do exercises and practice few yoga postures like lifting legs while the hands are holding the hip. This improves blood circulation backward. Swimming is great -- it combines cooling and muscle movements. Also try searching for bilberry, horse chestnut effects on veins -- these are alternate medicines.

    I am going to my urologist tomorrow and prepared myself with as much info as possible this past week!

    I was so embarassed to speak about this even to my parents. Make your son aware that if at all he notices anything different, ask him to bring it to your attention. This is the most important thing -- as he goes to college or even other country away from you, he might be inhibited to talk about these things.

    Good luck!
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