Jillian's Radio Show on KFI Cancelled?! Anyone else bummed?

  • I am so bummed that for whatever reason, Jillian Michaels' radio show is not on KFI AM 640 on Sunday mornings 9 to 11 a.m. anymore.

    The guy who replaced Jillian with a news show in her show's place (he's the morning reporter during the week) said that she had too much on her plate, which I am sure is true.

    It was just such a great show and I'm really sad that it's not going to be on the air anymore. I will really miss it, and I'm hoping that the podcasts will be up for a while until I can figure out how to download them to listen later.

    I wish that there was another medium to be able to listen/watch Jillian Michaels besides the Biggest Loser. I always forget to watch, but I also want practical information for the average Joe which Biggest Loser doesn't deliver.

    I got valuable information from her monologues and people calling in or e-mailing with questions. I learned a lot from other people's calls and e-mail questions.
  • Are the any downloadable recordings of her show available?
  • I am so, so sad about this. I listened every week during my Tuesday weight lifting session - so much good information! Drat!
  • Yes, here's the link to download the shows. You will have to use the backspace to put the links back together. You can go back for many months. It was every Sunday 9 to 11. kfi640 com /pages/podcasting/

    Also, this link might be easier to use: kfi640 com/pages / jillian.html

    As of yesterday, I also think that there was a link on jillianmichaels com

    I don't know how to do this, otherwise, I would be saving them to my hard drive.
  • I heard this Friday on my way to work listening to the Bill Handel show. I enjoyed her show, listening to her coming home from church and on my way to the grocery store after...oh heck!

    As least the Jesus Christ show is still on! Love that one too!
  • MAN IM SOOO bummed the show is gone!! yeah the archives on kfi only go back till december im trying to find out where more or all archives are since the show started i think in 2006? if anyone has all of them saved on podcast or downloaded mp3s, please please let me know!! i'd love it if you could email them to me.. i have all the archives downloaded that kfi has available (about 7months worth) on their page. but i cant figure out where to get all the rest i have only now just recently started listening and im dying to hear all the ones i missed. thanks!
  • Check out my post titled Jillian Podcast Downloads (in the discussion thread titled: Jillians Radio show on KFI) to get instructions on getting shows back to 2006.

  • Oh Cool!!! Thank you Soooo Much!! so far i just got all 2008 downloaded lol,now onto 2007