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Default Does 10 To 15 Pounds REALLY Make You Look That Different?!?

A year ago, I was 15 pounds lighter than now. I'm anywhere from 75 to 90 lbs. overweight, depending on who's chart you're using. SOOOOOOOO ... last year, no problem with putting on the swimsuit and going to the pool. A year later, 15 more lbs., and I really don't want my upper arms and thighs on display. I look very different to myself, and haven't managed to get in the water YET!!! Anybody else feel this way? Heck, I was quite overweight to start with; why do the extra pounds bother me SO MUCH?????
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reading your post made me think about that commercial a few years back where the women take the bikinis into the fitting rooms, and you hear the screaming, heh heh

depending on the day, I can feel totally ok about putting on a bathing suit and going to the Y, and then feeling like I look like a monstrosity.

I think (for me), it can be hormones, mood, focus, a combination. so how I see and feel about my body gets influenced by lots of stuff.

if you enjoy swimming and want to be in the water, I'd say DO IT! you will feel so much better. and I'd bet women who weigh much less than I do have this issue as well (and men, not trying to be sexist)
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There is a line in an old Dave Matthew's Band song that says, "My head won't leave my head alone", and I think that's true for so many of us! I'm down now to where I was a few years ago, and I had a pair of goal jeans that I couldn't wait to wear from that time. I've worn them a few times, but I swear they do NOT look or feel like I remember them being. I feel fat and poured into them, where before I felt sexy and slim. Was I really sexy and slim then, or delusional? Am I delusional now when I'm feeling fat, or am I sexy and slim? I really have no way of knowing! Like Dragonwoman says, some days I feel great, others I look in the mirror and really can't tell at all that I've lost an ounce.

I say put on the swimsuit if you really want to go into the water. Maybe the 15 pounds have made a difference, maybe they haven't. Either way, please don't let it stop you from getting into the water if that's what you really want to do because chances are good that at least of part of it is in your own self-perception. And I know that I'm having a really hard time trusting my self-perception right now.
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Since I'm about 40lbs overweight I'm sure if I lost 15lbs no one will notice. Also, if I gained 15lbs probably no one would notice. If I were at my goal weight or very thin and added 15 lbs that might make a difference.

I don't really feel we look at each other that closely.
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I agree with patchworkpenguin, when I weighed 190 on my 5'3" frame- 10 to 15 pounds was not noticeable, but now at 130 it really makes a difference when I fluctuate that much. Pant sizes drop with less pounds as your weight gets lower also.
At my heavier weight I wouldn't dare get into a bathing suit, heck I couldn't get into it. Now I actually think I look ok in one but I am still a bit shy about wearing it in public.
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Being extremely overweight 10-15lbs is not noticable on me. However,I notice a difference in how my clothes fit.

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I think what really bothers me this year, about the 15 lb. gain, is that my upper arms are "jiggly" and a little dimpled in some areas, for the first time! Of course, this past year, I haven't really exercised to speak of ... so I'm a sad puppy about it all. I think I will put some tanning lotion on my legs, try to find my gumption and go to the pool tomorrow ... and stop wasting my money at the Y! We have a great outdoor pool. Thanks for all replies so far!
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