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Default Do you get a father's day card for your mom's husband?

Hi all,

My mom (69 yrs old) remarried a couple of years ago and I was wondering if a father's day card is appropriate?
I don't really call him my step-dad and have no "fatherly" feelings about him. So, I'm thinking no. But I thought I'd ask what you all think.
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In your situation.I defiently wouldn't. But,that's me.
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I don't. My parents are both engaged and re-marrying this summer (what a year!) and I wouldn't buy mothers/fathers day cards for their partners. Likewise for my husband's parents' partners.
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My stepfather died in November, so...Father's Day is kind of painful this year. My mom remarried Tom when I was 15 years old. He was a wonderful person and dearly loved my mother and made her very happy. We had a rough time in high school, but I was closer to him as I got older. I always got him a Father's Day card. I consider myself richer for having two sets of parents to love me (my dad's second wife is also awesome).

My relationship with Tom is a little different than your relationship with your mother's new husband. If he isn't a dad to you, then don't give him a card.
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I think it varies from person to person.

For my Step MIL we don't send a card or anything on mother's day- we just call and wish her a happy mother's day because she has her own children and grandchildren.

BUT for my FIL we usually get him a card and small gift because his own children quite frankly are spoiled little brats (late teens) who only care about themselves.

In your situation I wouldn't do more than call and say something like hope you have a nice fathers day.
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Maybe I'm weird but I think it would also depend on if he has kids. If he does then I definitely wouldn't as then his kids should recognize him as their father. If he doesn't I might as he does have kids now. Or if you have children you might have your kids give him something as a grandfather for father's day. Personally I give both my father and my sister (who filled all the traditional dad rolls for me growing up) a present.
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In that situation, no, I would not. My brother always buys my mom gifts for Mother's Day but she's been his step mom for 30 years and he actually even lives with her (my dad left and lives with his girlfriend). For them, it makes sense but for someone who just married your dad, I don't think it's necessary.
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I think its something you have to decide for yourself. I personally dont buy mothers/fathers day cards/gifts for anyone except my DHs parents (mom and adoptive dad) and our old neighbors. My dad gets a phone call,my stepmother gets a phone call, and my mom and her husband get no phone call, no cards, no gifts. My DHs biological father also gets nothing. Our old neighbors, who we call mom and dad get cards and gifts.

My situation is different and so is everyone's. You have to look with in you and figure out what is right for you.

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In your situation I think card or no card is fine. I do however, think it never hurts to do a nice thing either. I say if your relationship is at least friendly with him, send him a "basic" card wishing him the best on Fathers Day....what could it hurt?
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Yes, I do.
My parents divorced when my kids were quite small. My Mom and G have been married for about 18 years. He is the only grandpa my children really know (from my side of the family). I don't consider him my step father but the kids do call him Grandpa.
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