Does anybody watch Soap Operas any more?

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  • Hi all!
    I used to watch The Young and The Restless and General Hospital religiously years ago. But I now sort of watch them occasionally.

    Anyone here watch soaps? Or are they a relic of days gone by? And does anyone remember Luke and Laura??? And the wedding???

  • I was a huge General Hospital fan in high school/college (I watched the wedding). In fact in high school, my best friends called each other names from GH (Tiffany, Celia and Lou IIRC - I was Celia ) I also loved the General HOspital rap and still remember almost all the words "Amy Vining likes to blab, Richard Simmons helps fight flab, Susan's having Alan's baby, Noah wants Bobbie for his lady!" (lyrics in my head like that is the reason I constantly misplace my car keys).

    Since I work now, it would be really tough to keep up with it, I can barely watch the stuff on the DVR now, much less an extra 5 hours a week of GH!
  • HaHa! No, even if I wanted to they aren't on at good times. Can't watch them at work

    I used to love Y & R
  • LOLOL......Ha Ha, no not in years. I am 51, and when I was in my teens and college there were very, very popular. Of course Soaps hadn't been around for very long. I mean Erica Cain was in her late teens!!! No, I have no interest and have't in over 25 years - maybe longer.....
  • ME ME ME!!!! I am a SAHM and watch my soaps religiously. I watch All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hosptial. I have watched them since I was a child. I also grew up watching Days Of Our Lives, but I haven't watched that one in a long time.
  • Every once and a while ill flip one on the television, though I dont watch them everyday, which can be confusing sometimes.
  • I love One Life to Live, but don't watch it often because I work and don't have lots of time on the weeknights to catch up on TV. I'm a teacher though, so sometimes I'll watch it in the summer. Still love it, though!!!
  • When I was really young (like, less than 10 years old) there were a few that I always watched! My grandmother watched a bunch of them every day. I liked All My Children and Loving (I still think the half-hour soap opera was a great idea). I haven't watched one in well over a decade.
  • Quote: I love One Life to Live, but don't watch it often because I work and don't have lots of time on the weeknights to catch up on TV. I'm a teacher though, so sometimes I'll watch it in the summer. Still love it, though!!!
    I grew up watching the ABC lineup and I did run home from school to watch Luke and Laura's wedding, lol. But I only tape OLTL now. My habit with tv in general is that I tape anything I want to see and I may not watch it for several weeks or even months. I only watch a couple of shows "live." Then at some point, I'll hunker down and watch several shows at once.
    I am actually 3 months behind on OLTL but I have it all recorded and trying to stay "spoiler free."
  • I've been a GH fan for many many years. Started the addiction when I was in Middle school, I think? I have my times where I watch all the time, take a break, come back, leave again... I am on the no time for GH at the moment. My dh asked me the other day when he'd gotten home from work earlier then usual, why I wasn't watching GH. How bad is that, that my dh had to ask that. I guess with my children around, ones that DON'T nap that I have to put it on the back burner, but I did want to set that time aside to watch it while folding laundry or just vegging out.
    So yes, after all that mumble jumble, I am a GH fan. I hope to pick it up , from where I last was ... anyone care to share updates on it??
  • Pearfreak, have you seen the new Micheall? I am not impressed, I hate that the aged him so much. How much have you missed? Did you know Robin had the baby? had PPD and had to be put in an institution and be medicated? glad she is back. I hate that Claudia is the one that got Micheal shot, I really like her, of course she is the original rarely so she was already awesome. I love Sonny and I am very picky about who he is with...LOL
  • I saw a snip-it of the new Michael. I am not impressed either. Why'd they do that.. UGH?!!?
    Yes, I remember that Robin had a baby girl and thought she had PPD, but didn't know she was institutionalized??
    I knew of Claudia being the one responsible for the shooting.
    Is she and Sonny still married?
    What's going on with Luke, is he in more epis?
    Or Jax.. ah dreamy Jax.
    Or the younger ones... EEEks, I didn't realize I've missed out on so much.
  • I hate it when they change actors. They aged Micheal by 10 years!! I lked Claudia when she was the original Carly, but hate her now!! Yes Jax is dreamy!!
  • I used to watch General Hospital in the 80's - when it was Anna Devane, Robert Scorpio, Duke Lavery, Alan Quartermaine, etc. They started changing all the characters and I stopped watching.

    I was a die hard Young and Restless fan from the early 90's - up until 2005/2006 - when they started making major cast changes as well. I don't even know who's on Y & R anymore (except Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, and Victor). I think (IMO) the show started going waaaaay downhill when Sharon kissed Victor a few years back.
  • I am a SAHM to and I watch All My Children. I watched it with my Grandmother. And finally mom confessed she watched it when we were at school. So then I got to watch it when school was out. I was disappointed when I first went on maternity leave with my first 8 yrs ago to find Another World was gone!