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Default OB/GYN question...

I've never had an OB/GYN before, I usually just go to clinics for my annual exams (and I wouldn't even do that if they didn't require it for BC pills, I hate going to doctors). But now that we're settling down and starting to think about having kids, I've started looking around for a real doctor, one who I plan to see regularly for a long time. I'm wondering, from those of you who have doctors like that, especially OB/GYNs, do you ever run into them outside of the doctor's office, like in social settings or the supermarket or anything? Is it ever weird? Or is it no big deal like, "Oh yes, this is Dr. X, she pokes around in my hoo-hah once a year! Seen any good movies lately?"
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Hey, these doctors see SO many hoo-has that they don't even remember yours!
Good luck with the search!
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lol @ hoo has. Made me giggle. I don't think it would be weird. They look at hoo has like dentists look at teeth.
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It's not weird to run into them and honestly, unless you live in a small town, it's not terribly likely that you will run into them. I actually grew up going to church with the doctor who delivered my sister and I and it wasn't weird at all.

Doctor/Patient relationships aren't really the type where you'd stand there and introduce people to each other anyway. I think a "Hi" in passing is sufficient.

Good luck finding a doctor you like.
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Run into them? I work with them. I'm a nurse on a OB/GYN floor so we all experience this at work. Thankfully, my Dr. doesn't come to my hospital that often. It is something I think about, especially the breast exam part (I have ideas that they have x-ray vision when they see me in my uniform..) Honestly don't think they give it any thought though, just like I don't think about the patient's I take care of (occasionally co-workers or acquaintances). Just part of my job and something I see over and over again.
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hahaha i've never seen my doctor anywhere other then in her office.
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My doctors are in a different city for me....but with my eye doctor, I've seen him out in public and I don't think he even knew who I was! So, I wouldn't worry about it too much!
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LOL I LOVE my GYN and run into her all the time! She delivered my daughter and we chit chat about how she's doing. I thought it would be weird but it's okay LOL.
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I have never seen any of my docs (dentist, ob/gyn, eye, general) except my general doc one time in all the years I went to her (she quit). I take that back, once in a while I would see my Chiro...he went to the same Church. Funny now that I think about it...we all live in the same area...but obviously run in different circles so...never even seen any of the secretaries or nurses either!
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Thats so funny, because earlier today, I had the same thought, LOL!! But no, I've never bumped into mine anywhere. I think they live somewhere else..and just work in the area.
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I never ran into my OB-GYN outside of her office, but I would have loved to, she's an awesome person and getting to chat with her for free would be great, lol!

Now that I think about it, I've never seen any of my doctors outside of the office... but I always seemed to run into nurses/receptionists everywhere (back when I lived in the same town). One of my favorite dental hygienists also worked at a store in the mall so I'd drop in and say hi when I was out shopping.

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I used to see my old doctor all the time. I was a manager at the only grocery store in town (and I used to live in a very small town) and his office was right down the street. Honestly, I don't think they really remember/care what people look like underneath their clothes as long as they are healthy. And especially for OB/GYNs... the girls here are right, they look at so many hoo-has (lol) that I don't think it registers with them which hoo-ha belongs to who. I think we all worry too much about our bodies and who sees them and how people might judge them... but I really don't think anyone cares as much as we do, lol.
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I don't go to a doctor in my town (it's small...3,500 people and ONE doctor) because I see him a lot for work, in the store, etc. To me it would be embarrassing. He wouldn't care, most likely. He's also a family practitioner. I go to an OBGYN in a larger town.
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I never ran into my OB, even though his office was just down the road. Seriously though I doubt it would ever have bothered him or me if I had, I mean, he'll have seen so many that he may as well be looking at elbows all day, kwim?
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Originally Posted by LittleBitIzzy View Post
My doctors are in a different city for me....but with my eye doctor, I've seen him out in public and I don't think he even knew who I was! So, I wouldn't worry about it too much!
Maybe he didn't SEE you!
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