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Smile Who wears shoes in the house?

I live in Canada, in Newfoundland, and I have also lived in Alberta, and spent time in other provinces. I have never known anyone to wear shoes in their homes under any circumstances. Even if there is a party in the summer, people leave their shoes by the door and go and get them, carry them through the house, and put them back on to go on the balcony or into the back yard. Unless someone is dashing inside for something very quickly with clean shoes on, it's a socks-only country. I do understand it is common in Japan to change into sandals inside.

The reason I'm asking is, on TV, everyone seems to wear shoes in the house. Where do you live, and do you wear shoes in the house?
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I noticed that they always have shoes on in shows, even when they're on the bed sometimes. It might have something to do with it being a set and maybe things could get on the floor? Or possibly they just don't want to waste any time having the actors/actresses taking their shoes off or putting them back on, which would waste time, so that the show makes sense (one minute they have shoes on, one minute they dont?)

Also I noticed they NEVER say bye when hanging up the phone.
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We always wear shoes in the house.

I vowed a LONG time ago that I would not make my family take off their shoes to roam the house. Floors and carpets can be cleaned. I often pad around in my slippers or stocking feet if I haven't been outside yet, but once I've been outside, my shoes don't usually come off until bedtime.

Winter boots on the other hand, come off at the door. I HATE walking through wet snow and iceballs!

And, I wish I could teach the dog to wipe his paws before he tromps across the floor - particularly after he has been swimming in the pond

It always surprises me when people come over and take off their shoes when the come into the house. I always take my cue from my host/hostess when I visit anyone. If they are shoeless, I take mine off. If they are not, I ask if I should. Very, very few people say yes.

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Yeah, here in the USA most people wear shoes in the house. I've only known of a few families who do not wear shoes in the house. In my house, I do not wear shoes because I think it's really gross and dirty! Unfortunately, I have also run into people who have the attitude that if you ask people to take off their shoes when they come to your house, you are some kind of snob or something. So when people come over, I don't ask them to take them off, but they usually do because they see me doing it. I don't worry too much about it, though.
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We frequently wear shoes in the house just for simplicity-we have no convenient place to put shoes just inside any of the doors, so we have to take them off somewhere else anyway or always be tripping over a pile of shoes. Also, we are always running outside to one of the garages or the garden and it's annoying to have to stop to put on the shoes all the time. Now, the kids take theirs off just for that very reason-if we have to wait for them to put on their shoes to take the trash out, we might just go ahead and do it instead of asking them to do it

But, like CountingDown, no snow boots ever on the floors or carpets-they have to take them downstairs immediately!
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I've never considered not wearing shoes. Happy to do so in anyone's house who wants me to. The pavements I walk on aren't gross so my shoes aren't. Never soggy boots though.
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DH wears shoes in the house, leftover from when he was a kid and his house had no central heat. He hates cold feet, and wears socks almost every minute of every day. I've never even seen him wear sandals in the 15 years I've known him.

I, on the other hand, cannot stand shoes. Well, I love them, to own them, shop for them, and look at them ... but I don't like them actually on my feet. I grumble about having to wear them outside and to work, so I'm barefoot in the house, always. My shoes are off as soon as the door is shut behind me.
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Ick! Shoes in the HOUSE!!!! How much dog poo have you accidentally stepped in, then tracked into your house!!! Or goober on the sidewalk!! Or chewing gum!!!! Ick!
I too have lived throughout Canada, and I have never, ever worn my outdoor shoes inside unless it was to, say, dash in to get something quickly. I keep two pairs of Crocs outside (one at the front, one at the back) for quick dashes to the garden for herbs or something...

My SIL-God-Love-Her will bring a second pair of shoes and change into them, because she likes her shoes to complete her outfit. Even if it is for a super-casual dinner...She even brought ME a pair of HER shoes to wear in MY HOUSE one time so that I could feel "complete" in my outfit...God love her...

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Heck, my family hardly wears clothes in the house. Good thing we"re all girls. It"s bras and panties most of the time.
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Sometimes I wear shoes, sometimes I don't. We have hardwood floors, so tracking in stuff isn't too much of an issue.
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I too am Canadian, and we don't wear shoes in the house. I remember visiting my old friend in Buffalo, New York. I walked into her house and took my shoes off, and everyone looked at me like I was weird or something, I'm like...What?...they asked me why I was taking my shoes off? I'm like ummm...because you're suppose to?
I think wearing shoes inside is rude.

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I leave my shoes on. Curiously, my kids all take theirs off at the door. Needless to say, I have a huge pile of shoes at my back door (all my daughters). We did used to take them off religiously when we first moved into our new house. I have mostly hardwood floors too.
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I hate shoes. I feel more comfortable in bare feet. I kick mine off ASAP
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I don't wear shoes in the house and I know many who don't. I don't ask people to remove their shoes but I don't wear them , when I go to someone else's home I do what they do. I read an article a short while ago explaining there would be less illness if we all did not wear shoes in the house. I think of where my shoes have walked and do not care to bring it in the house.
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if i owned my own house i am sure i'd care more about it- for stains on the carpet etc. we wear our shoes in the house. well- my husband does. i hate shoes and mine come off asap most of the time.
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