Anyone have an AT&T/unicel phone?

  • Hey chicks, I've had Verizon for my wireless carrier for years but I'm looking for a change. I love Verizon, I just want a change and my contract is ending at the end of July. I'd like to hear from people that have an experience with AT&T/unicel good or bad. I'd appreciate it thanks!
  • Unicel was sold to least here in Maine. Not sure about Vermont but you may want to look into it since Verizon will become our carrier on 5/17.
  • oh well thats weird cause here at&t bought unicel lol
  • iPhone and AT&T here - love it, no problems with anything. I think I had to pay a little more for texting (which was a minor annoyance).
  • cool thanks to both of you...the plan i want with my parents would cost about the same depending on how much the taxes are but it says in the brochure that web access comes with it i just need to find out if it costs minutes while online....i want the blackberry curve
  • I love at&t (and my iphone) At first when they went from cingular to at&t the service was in and out over here but I'm glad we stuck with them. They just forgave my dad's bill when my 19 year old brother stationed in Germany racked up over $2400 in text messages and calls during his first month over there...don't worry my brother is sorry and is now watching how much he uses his cell phone over there
  • wow $2400 lol
  • i have at&t and haven't had any trouble at all. i agree- the transition from cingular to at&t was a little rocky at first, had a few dropped calls - but ever since then i've had no problems whatsoever.
    i just got a new phone this week and i'm in love with it!