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Default What does your avatar mean?

Hi y'all!
There so many avatars out there! I know that people put pictures of themselves up or choose one from the 3FC setup page, so I got to thinking --what does your avatar mean to you? And why did you pick it?
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Maintaining :)
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My avatar is my own design.

I think a key lesson that I learned is that weight loss is a journey, and that you have to enjoy the journey.

Life is short, and you should find a plan that enhances your quality of life. You should do things that bring you joy while losing weight.

Doing so will help you find a plan that truly is a way of life - and thus GREATLY increase the odds that you will be successful
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I love mine.My GRANDPA USED TO PLANT DAISIES FOR me every year when I was growing up>he passed away when I was 19.He was the love of my life....I miss him and when I saw the daisy I knew I had to have it!
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Just changed mine... before it was me and my dog Clyde. Now it's me pointing to the Hollywood sign. I guess I like it because I can see my progress in it. Especially in my legs!
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It's one of my more recent "during" pics. I think people prefer to be able to see who they're talking to.

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I switch mine I am always trying to hide from the moderators

The current one is from a 5K my wife and I did 2 weeks ago.
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My long trip half way across the country (for nothing i might add, friggn economy) Woo winnie the pooh

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I'm a Jazzercise instructor. Even as a big girl, I can kick your butt! Muscle-bound pig suits me fine.
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I was born and raised in Wyoming, so I chose the state flag for the time being. My last one was a blast b/c I'm on blast crew when I'm on day shift. The one before that was a haul truck which is what I do on graveyard shift.
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Gary, you can't hide from us!

Mine is from last summer in Croatia. I am holding a fish I just gutted and scaled while standing on the rocks -- we rinsed the fish right in the sea. It was the first time I had scaled fish and represents that I am willing to try new things now. Plus, it was an amazing vacation and in the picture I can see how happy and healthy I am!
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Just keep breathing!
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I -LOVE- Croatia! It's where we vacationed when I was living in Bosnia. Oh! Memories!!

Mine is pretty self explanatory I guess? It's the determination to just get up and DO it. Do it ALL. I like the mountain background because a) the metaphor is pretty well known, b) I live in Alaska and c) one day I will be fit enough to ACTUALLY CLIMB A MOUNTAIN! How sweet is that?!
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It's me at my current size!
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On a journey
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I took this picture at my brother's cantina in his backyard and it just reminds me of Summertime fun, family and bbq. Besides, the frog looks cute in my brother's hat! LOL!
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Mine is doing what I love the most, mountain biking, it was last year, I was still around 210-ish but it was the first time in a loooong time that I saw an actual jawline on myself and it was very exciting for me
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Mine is just me on my motorcycle. I just really love my motorcycle and a chick on a bike is hot...LOL
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