Anyone have an adult trike?

  • I tried to conquer my fear of riding a bicycle last year but I think I've given up that hope... for now. I've been looking into getting a tricycle. There is a bike shop about 20 miles from here that has lots of different type of bikes available including tricycles.

    My main issue with the bicycle is I feel high up and I feel like I'm going to fall and hurt myself. I have some stability issues normally but I just can't get over my bicycle falling fear and it makes riding a bicycle not enjoyable.

    My concerns with a tricycle are:
    1) Cost - some seem very expensive but others seem reasonably priced
    2) Transport - I'm not sure how our car would transport a tricycle. When we've transported bicycles, we've taken the front wheel off and put them in the back of the car (small suv).
    3) Path usability - A tricycle is wider than a bicycle but with a bicycle, I never got close to the edge for fear of going off the edge. I think with a tricycle, I may be able to get closer to the edge.
    4) Terrain - I'd like to have a tricycle that is equal to a comfort/hybrid usability on terrain. I'd mostly go on smooth paths but occasionally would like to traverse some gravel paths. Not sure if this is possible.
  • Hi Nelie,
    Don't know about trikes, but do know about the fear. I still remember wanting to cry and puke when I finally tried it last year. I'd like to say the fear is 100% gone, but it's not. It's time to break out the bikes and try again. Good luck with the trike---lemme know how it goes.
  • You made me flashback to my childhood. We lived a few years on a very small tropical island - no personal cars. So everyone biked - and most every family had a tricycle for shopping / carrying things.
  • Some trikes actually fold.

    But... what about a boy's 20" free style bike? the handlebars are higher so you wont kill your back but the seat is lower.... then you wont feel so high up.

    i think mountain bikes and 10 speeds have 24" + tires.
  • My Gram has a folding trike with an extremely comfortable wide seat. I used to always ride it around because it was just funner then my old regular bike. I never had to worry about falling over or anything because you can't really tip 'em unless you're trying. I wouldn't recomend it for the same applications as a mountain bike or anything but with big back tires (That do not make you high off the ground) you can run over a few bumps. My Gram could fit is in her get-a-way van (almost zero floor space) because it could fold. Sound perfect for you.

    Have fun!
  • What kind of price range are you looking at? It seems the minimum is about 250.00
  • I'm willing to spend about $1k. I found one I think I may like which is $700 but I'm concerned because it seems to be underpriced, compared to similar models. The ones that are designed for store outings seem to be in the lower range (under $500). The ones designed for speed seem to start around $2500.
  • Hi Nelie,

    I have one and I love it. We have these great hike and bike paths where I live and I wanted so badly to ride the bicycle on them. I borrowed my daughter's bicycle and was still in the driveway when I fell off So I started looking into one of those 3 wheeled ones. I got mine on the Walmart web site ~ it was shipped to the store. They even assembled it for me at no charge. My son-in-law brought it home for me in his pick up. It can fold, but I've never tried that. I think you could ride it on a gravel path.

    I've never regreted that purchase and continue to enjoy it.

    Good luck in your search
  • glynne - That is awesome. I went to look and it appears they have 2 folding ones. Trifecta (single speed) and Port-o-Trike (3 speed). Is yours one of those? Can you ride hills?
  • Hello again,

    Mine is the Trifecta ~ I think the trike would do hills ~ it is my body that has trouble doing the hills ~ my knees. I go up a small hill on my way home from my daughter's house ~ I do it ok, but it makes my knees work harder.
  • glynne - Thanks for the info.

    It is a bit out of my price range, but I'm a bit in love with the Di Blasi folding tricycle: