GAME The Person Below Me #7

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  • kinda...

    TPBM has Wii Fit
  • NOPE~I don't even have a Wii
    TPBM likes to party there butt off!
  • Yeah, but I don't get a chance to very often any more.

    TPBM has kids who call them all the time.
  • No... I don't have kids

    TPBM balances their checkbook to a "T"
  • Hahaha-Nope.

    TPBM likes to knit.
  • has no clue how to

    TPBM is freezing tonight
  • no, but it is chilly out there.

    TPBM is watching tv while on the computer.
  • It's on as 'background noise'

    TPBM ate chicken for dinner
  • Yup, it was yummy to. My oldest said I am a Terrific cook. The Best Mommy. She sure was looking for brownie points.

    TPBM eats yogurt several times a week.
  • Yes I do.

    TPBM has a flat screen tv
  • geeez, I wish. But no

    TPBM gets manicures regularly
  • Um kinda.. I used to- but for the last two months i have not been able too because my hand has been bandaged from a bad burn- but normally yes..

    TPBM loves tacos
  • Yes and they love me

    TPBM speaks a second language
  • no

    TPBM eats atleast 2 fruits a day.
  • I do, more like 3-4 fruits a day

    TPBM weather is really nice today!