Do You Like Going To The Dentist?

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  • I love it. Always have. Probably because I haven't got any fillings or had major problems. When I was a kid, I had three milk teeth pulled out because they weren't falling out by themselves and the permanents were coming through.

    I've got my yearly check up tomorrow afternoon at a holistic dentist (costly but worthy). I love the smell of cleanliness...the white, clean uniforms. I know most people hate it but what's the deal with my fellow 3FCers?

    Do you like going to the dentist?
  • I have a very hard time with cleanings as my teeth are so sensitive that a simple cleaning really hurts me so I need lots and lots of novocain and they have to clean my teeth in at least 2 seperate visits.

    Now getting a cavity filled etc I am fine with.
  • I hate going to the dentist...I would rather go through childbirth!

    My mouth/teeth are extremely sensitive...and cleanings almost bring me to tears! After a cleaning, I feel like my teeth are all loose and about to fall out of my mouth for about a week. I simply agonize it!

    I HATE HATE HATE someone touching my teeth/gums. HATE it. Also, seeing someone scrape a fork or popsicle stick across their teeth sends chills up my spine and actually causes me to have physical sensations in my mouth.

  • I like going now because I think my dentist is such a cutie! If he was single and I was single I would SO be trying to talk to him.
  • I hate it, hate it, hate it! Small mouth, gag easily-need I say more
  • I'm one of the 60 million Americans who do not have Health Insurance or Dental Insurance.

    So NO I do not like to go to the dentist because I have to fork over large amounts of cash ... up front.

    But luckly I am a Vet and can go to the VA Hospital for free and there is a dental school at the local University where I can get cleanings for $35 bucks.

    Plus I was blessed with good teeth.
  • I'm terrified of the dentist. They have to sedate me to do anything more than fill a small cavity. And it's taken me a while to get to THAT point...
  • I've never had a cavity or a filling either, but I hate going to the dentist. I hate the scraping. Since I had gum surgery in 97, my gums are really sensitive and the scraping just kills me! Plus, I hate the thought of hands in my mouth. Ugh.
  • I don't mind. I get cleaning every 3 months in order to fight gingivitis and other than that, I don't see the actual dentist very much. I did have two fillings replaced last week (because those were very old ones and he wanted to replace them with white ones .... my benefits cover 100% of all basic dentistry [unless it is a crown or somebody like that, then only 50%]) and I have to say if I could fall asleep when there are people talking around me or doing something in my mouth, I would have. I didn't feel a thing .... I mean I did, but I was nicely frozen so absolutely zero discomfort.
    I had a good dentist prior to this one, he retired a few years back (at 50yrs old!) and the practice was purchased by a younger dentist of East Indian background and I think he is even better than the previous dentist. When he gives me the freezing shots I hardly feel it at all.
  • I used to love going to the dentist. I dunno why, lol. But then when I needed a filling, my dentist was this really awful grumpy guy. And mouth wasnt even numbed all the way, and when I told him, he didnt believe me. I felt EVERYTHING!!!! I cried the whole time!! He still didnt believe me, even with all the tears and all. It was horrible. I havent been back to the dentist since then. So I take extra care of my teeth now.
  • I really love going to the dentist.
  • I don't mind it. I probably only have three fillings and only have sensitivity in a couple teeth (which has gone away after using prescription toothpaste--not to brush with but rubbed on before bed). I like how my teeth feel and look after a good cleaning. I generally go with my son and it's really nice to hear the hygienist say how nice and cooperative he is (despite the fact that he doesn't brush like he should--braces really get in the way).
  • NO. I was terrorized as a kid by my grandfather who was a dentist. His office was scary, equipment all WW2 era - klonky and huge, including the needles. I swear the shot apparatus was like 2 feet long. If I'd so much as squirm he'd slap my hand and tell me to hold still.

    His building had an elevator that was always broken. If you pushed the button you could hear creaking and moaning from the elevator shaft. He said that was because the boogie man lived in there. We were fascinated, always trying to get the boogie man to come out - which defeated the purpose of his story.

    I require several Valium now before the dentist can open my mouth.

    Still, miss you Gramps!
  • Quote: I hate going to the dentist...I would rather go through childbirth!
    Ditto. I have said as much to my dentist. I always opt for Novacaine but I hate getting the needle in my mouth too. I always manage to chew up the inside of my mouth before it wears off and I have had cold sores break out inside my mouth after having dental instruments hold my mouth open for a filling.
    My husband can fall asleep having a tooth pulled or a cavity filled.
  • I've been going to my dentist for over 30 years. I have to find someone to do some more oral surgery. The one he sent me to last year did some surgery on me a few years ago and made notes that he couldn't sedate me enough. I never followed up because I just really dred the surgery.

    My dental visits are not bad for me. We laugh alot, especially the time when he and his assistant started beating my breasts.

    mazza, was there some reason you PM'd your profile to me?