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Default Wedding gift ideas

I have a very close friend who is getting married in February and I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what to give them that is thoughtful but is not too terribly expensive. They moved their wedding up 5 months due to personal reasons, so I didn't have time to save up.

This is her second marriage and his first. They are in their late 30's so they don't really need any household items. At her first wedding my husband and I both flew cross country to be there, I was her maid of honor and bought the dress, shoes, etc., I took her for mani/pedi, and we gave them a pretty sizable cash gift as their wedding gift.

Our situation is different now and we just can't afford all that. So my other worry is that I don't want her to be hurt or offended if she gets something much less extravagant this time. I don't want her to think that we think this marriage is less important.

Anyway, any ideas would be welcome. Thanks!
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Perhaps a gift certificate to a tree nursery. I know I would love that for any celebration.
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The last wedding I went to was pretty much the same situation, I got them a very nice picture frame. It went over pretty well.
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If she is truly a close friend, I would be honest with her. I would make it a thoughtful gift--heavy in thought department but light on the wallet. Do they have children yet? You could always give babysitting coupons. If you have photos of the bride and groom you could always make the wrapping paper too just by photocopying the photographs. Do they like wine? There are some great ones that are in the under ten dollar range. If you are able add a silver ice bucket and/or silverplated corks to go along with it. Another great gift (I think) are the customized "branders." You can get them on Ebay even for a few dollars. If the couple likes to cookout, they can custom brand their steak and chicken. Just a few ideas. Along the same line, you could get nice aprons from wherever (Williams-Sonoma, etc) and have them monogrammed with their initials. What about nice bath towels or heavy white terry robs monogrammed with a bottle of bubbly? The ideas are limitless.

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When I got married, I was 31, husband was 33. It was his second marriage (my first). We honestly did not want anything and were very touched by some of the personal gifts we did get.

If they have a favorite charity, can you give in their name? I know that is something I would've appreciated. Or just a small memento.
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i like to give experience gifts rather then stuff. maybe like a nice basket of food they can eat the night after the wedding if they aren't taking off right away for the honey moon- or a dinner together? gift certificate to a nice restaurant - something in that range. i agree it's best to just explain that you're not financially able to provide what you did in the past, i'm sure she'll understand.
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One of the better "improvised" gifts (not on the registry) was something a friend made. She bought a nice basket, a couple of champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne and wrapped it in cellophane with some local dried fruit and nuts. It was really lovely and made for great mimosas on our honeymoon

It couldn't have been more than $30 or $40, but it was thoughtful and very useful! We aren't terribly close as she's a wife of DH's friend, but I will always remember what she got us
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I think that a the basket idea (wine or champagne and glasses, etc.) or a gift certificate/card to a restaurant is a perfect idea. It isn't just giving a gift of "stuff" but it is giving a gift of something for them to share together when they spend time with one another.

Another idea that I think is really cute, is making up a "movie" basket. Go to Blockbuster or another video rental store, and get a gift card for video rentals. Add in a box of microwave popcorn, and a couple packages of the movie sized boxes of candy.
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you could always start a scrapbook for them do like the first few pages or you can def do something like a frame with their pics or one of you and her for her and than a blank one for them. Good luck! The gift cert is a good idea too she will understand that money is tight its tight for alot of people right now
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Thank you all so much!! You've all given me some amazing ideas to work with! Now I just have to get crackin! The wedding is in 3 weeks!
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