OT: Purchasing your own insurance

  • Both me and my husband work but cannot afford either of our insurances (his is cheap but no one takes it and mine is SO expensive I'm basically handing over an entire paycheck just to cover the monthly cost). Well anyway....last week I discovered a lump in the crook of my leg. Since it was beside my ummm....PRIVATE area I thought possibly it was in ingrown hair and didn't think too much about it, well now it seems a bit larger and is not sore at all like an ingrown hair would normally be. I'm concerned that it's something I need a doctor to check, so now I think the best course of action is to purchase my own insurance to make sure if this is something that requires treatment or removal that I have addequate insurance to cover this. My question is...

    Does anyone here purchase their own insurance? There are so many companies online I'd love to hear your feedback on any that are good and resonably priced. I live in Pennsylvania if it matters.

    Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice!!!