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needs constant reminding
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I know my hair used to need washing daily. Now I try for no more than 1-2x/week. As I do shower daily I will wet it under the water and/or condition it. It freshens things up

When I was transitioning from daily washings to fewer my hair did get oily faster. Now it seems not oily until around day 6.
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I hardly ever use any product in my hair, besides the shampoo and condt. I find it is greasy in the am, and once I work out I don't want to just leave it ( tho I usually have my hair up in a pony, so maybe skipping the night washes? )

I also seem to lose hair whenever I shower....ugh, I don't know what to do!
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needs constant reminding
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Originally Posted by BornToFly View Post
I also seem to lose hair whenever I shower....ugh, I don't know what to do!
called telogenic effluvium. it will come back!
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*I am a licensed cosmetologist, and managed a salon for a few years*

Washing your hair every day, and multiple times a day CAN be bad for your hair and scalp...but this depends on many factors:

~Is your hair long, or short, or inbetween?

~Is your hair natural, or is it permed or color treated?

~Is your scalp naturally oily, normal, or on the dry side?

~Do you use a lot of hair products, or heating tools-dryers, irons, etc?

The SHORTER your hair is, the easier it is going to be for you to wash your hair on a daily basis and have it be okay. Men with short hair, or women with short (think Jamie Lee Curtis) type hairstyles can wash daily without much problem. The reason for this, is because the hair is short enough, that through combing and brushing, the oils from the scalp can sufficiently reach the entire hair shaft. The second reason is because the AGE of the hair strands is short.

However, when you get into longer hair, most times those oils never reach down to the end of the hair shaft. This is why people with longer hair get split ends, dry ends, frizzy ends, breakage, etc. The further out from the head your hair grows, the dryer it is-because the oils don't get to it. The further down the hair shaft, the OLDER the hair is as well....

So, in a nutshell, if you have short hair, and it is HEALTHY (no color, perm, little use of heating tools) then it is fine to wash daily or even twice daily. However, if you have hair past your shoulders, and let's say it is colored or permed...then you DON'T want to wash daily.

My hair is color treated, and is currently almost waist length in the back. If I washed daily, I would have dry ends with lots of frizz and breakage.
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I think if I washed my hair twice a day it would fall out. BUT I have long hair, live in a really dry climate, and blow dry/use heating tools on it.
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Well again ... I think it just depends on the individual. I have shortish hair (chin length). I color it and I use a blow dryer on it every day - and a straight iron most days.

I still wash it every morning (and condition it, too, just not at the scalp) because, as I mentioned above, my scalp is so oily that after a few hours in the morning it gets clumpy and stringy looking and it starts to itch.

Of course I also deep condition the ends once a week or so - usually by applying coconut oil and sleeping with it in.

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Hey OP!
Good question! I'm a stylist, and there are a couple of things that affect the integrity of your hair if you're washing it more than once a day. Firstly, water has a higher pH level than your skin/hair...its about a 7, hair and skin in between a 3.5 and a 5. It blows open the cuticle, and the hair shaft and makes it more suceptable to damage, and if you color your hair, it causes it to fade quicker because the hair shaft is open. A common misconception is that hair color fades...and yes, while that it true, mostly the loss of color is due to the fact that you put water on your hair and that opens the hair shaft, causes it to swell, and take on other things (product, sunlight, etc). Also, washing your hair more than once a day will cause you to rinse your natural oils out of your hair, but honestly, its easily remedied. Just make sure you restore your pH balance of your hair after you shower. Paul Mitchell makes an amazing moisture mist called Awapuhi Moisture Mist. I think its like 11 dollars for a bottle, and I swear by it. I recommend it to every guest I see. I think you'll feel like the integrity of your hair is maintained, and you can wash it twice a day if you'd like if you'd like
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