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Angry I need sleep!!!!! *rant*

I posted a thread before about my roommate issues.
Well long-story short, my biggest issue is getting sleep.
She can be very loud but most importantly, she always have people over!
And not just over, sleeping over! Including her mother and his boyfriend!
They stay up and watch TV and though it is low, I still can't sleep. Of course they are still talking.. these walls are made of sheet rock, I can hear it all!
Tonight is one of those nights. First, she let me know that her friend was coming over but NOT sleeping over, and I was like oh okay. She knows I haven't been sleeping well, in fact, I spent all of last week preparing for two TOUGH midterms on Tuesday and Wednesday. I looked forward to today and tonight get some sleep.
WHAT A FANTASY WORLD I WAS LIVING IN! Suddenly not only is he sleeping over, but her mother and his boyfriend shows up at 11 at night when I was going to bed. I've been up and my eyes are burning from DAYS OF NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP!
I addressed to her that I'm a light sleeper and in the morning to not slam the door or w/e and she has stopped doing that, but the people coming over is ridiculous. I have to take a 2 hour bus ride tomorrow leaving at 7:50 AM to go see my boyfriend for the weekend, meaning I'll be up at around 6:15 AM.
That's 4 hours from now.
I could cry right now if my eyes weren't so dry. Last night, I woke up from cramps (period) and couldn't get back to sleep, so I didn't get to really sleep last night either.
My head hurts.
I can't wait to go to my boyfriend's simply so I can catch up on sleep.

I don' t know. I'm going to talk to her as soon as I get back since well, obviously they're going to be sleeping in late til about 1 while I have to start my day.
Oh and usually on Friday's I have 9 am recitation for Calculus but they only take attendance through quizzes and I had the midterm this week so no recitation tomorrow, but it's like, every thursday night is like this?
I'm going to talk to her about having people (especially her family) over on the weekends because it is not only distracting but obviously I can't sleep!! Oh and this happens frequently on weeknights too. I thought she said she was going to cut down on having people over, not from anything I said but I did encourage her just having people over on the weekends so *she* can focus.. so I thought "oh great, well I'm sure she realizes what I meant when I said people can be distracting" but I guess she thought I meant distracting to HER and HER studies.
I'm really.. just.. AHH. I might switch to an upper floor if this gets to be too much, I don't know... let's see what happens.
At this point I'm like, what's the point? I hear people talking, walking around, and I even got up to use the bathroom and they know I need to sleep. I'm so upset right now...


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my suggestion (although you're already up) is make sure you make lots of noise in the morning (: But really have you thought about buying ear plugs...that may help a lot. Definately talk to her. In addition, look into your dorm room rules. Are guest allowed to stay? I wouldn't do anything crazy yet, but if you find out all the rules, you could remind her about them. Also, try not to get so worked up. I think you probably started getting mad before you even went to sleep and then that made you worked up so you couldn't sleep. Try to relax, get some ear plugs, set your alarm at a louder volume...and good luck!

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While being really loud in the morning when they are trying to sleep might be really tempting....it's stooping to her level. When you try to talk to her about it, she can just throw the fact that you've been really loud as well into your face...leaving you with no argument whatsoever.

Also, continue to be nice to her but make it known that you are not happy that you have to talk to her about this again so soon. Lay it all on the table, people coming over late, being loud late at night, etc. She is being disrespectful and needs to know about it.

Get some earplugs and talk to her when you get home. If all else fails, talk your RA....they usually have more power than you do.

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I have to agree with the earplug suggestion. I was really resistant to them for a long time because they seemed weird and didn't really solve the communication and respect problems involved when one's roommate or significant other is far too noisy. However, they work, and they have smoothed out my relationship a great deal!
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It is really tempting to say, "Don't forget to slam the door on your way out early this morning!", but as noted above, that won't really help.

If you use earplugs, test them with your alarm clock! Mine do an excellent job of filtering out the alarm clock ring!

Good Luck.
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I have similar problems with my nephews that I, in a fit of insanity, agreed to let live with me. The problem goes beyond rudeness, though, because as you said, just ordinary not loud talking and such is enough to keep you (and me) awake. One thing that helps me is running my little floor fan at night. This was essential in the summer anyway for heat. But even as it cools off, I just point it away from me and run it anyway. It's not loud enough to *block* the noise, but somehow the low buzz really does help me tune out from the sounds in the house.
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I had this exact problem with my roommate last year. She would have people visiting and staying over every weekend, in our tiny little dorm room. Her and her drunk friends would walk into the room turning lights on at 3am while I was sleeping, etc. She had a really odd sleeping schedule too, she'd stay up ALL night partying and then come back and sleep all day and expect me to be quiet. Even on weekdays. I tend to let things build up inside me, so basically one morning I just snapped. I just turned up my music LOUD while she was sleeping, she asked me to turn it down. I said "Why?" she got annoyed, obviously, and I said "Why should I turn it down and be quiet when you never do the same for me?"

Needless to say I was very upset, I was shaking and could barely get my words out. Luckily she is very understanding, so we talked about it and she tried her very best after that to be quiet for me. The good thing is, her and I are still great friends. Except for this year she lives down the hall and I live with someone who has the same schedule as me. And I get lots of sleep!

However, I'm not saying my passive aggressive approach was the way to go. I definitely think you should talk to her before your anger builds up even more. It sounds like it would be a good idea for you to talk to her when you get back from your boyfriend's. You will be much happier and more rested, and will be able to talk much more calmly with her. Hope everything goes well! Remember, she doesn't have any more right to your room than you do! It should be comfortable and livable for you both!
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