Who's your favorite actor/actress?

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  • I love Angelina Jolie. My favorite actors are Al Pacino, M. Brando, and Robert Deniro.
  • Jennifer Garner (ok I admit it -- total and complete girl crush!) and Johnny Depp. JD is one of the few, rare actors that make me forget who they are and absorb me completely into their character. His 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' character? Creepy and . . . totally mesmerizing.
  • Hm. I don't have any one favorite ever. It just depends on the mood I'm in and the genre.

    Favorites lately:
    Laura Linney
    Leonard di Caprio (he never did it for me as a sex-symbol but some of his latest roles I think he's been an incredible actor in)
    Matt Damon (ditto the above)
    Judi Dench (I haven't seen anything that I haven't thought she was great in)

  • omgoodness Christian bale :-)
  • Women...Annette Benning, Meg Ryan & Sandra Bullock

    Men...hard one because I don't have a fav and not a lot that I care for. Maybe George Clooney, Denzel Washington abd Adam Sandler

    Would be easier to answer who I don't like, lol
  • Jena Malone & Johnny Deep, any movie they are in is worth seeing.
  • Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp,Terence Howard are some of my fav's.
  • I don't have a single favorite but I do have quite a few I like:
    Angelina Jolie
    Johnny Depp
    Geena Davis
    Val Kilmer
  • I like Christian Bale too as well as Julianne Moore.
  • nelie, Val Kilmer and Geena Davis are some of mine too, thanks for reminding me
  • Guys I can't pick just one:
    Pierce Brosnan
    Johnny Depp
    Bruce Campbell
    and from television David Boreanaz

    Favorite female actors
    Really do not have any favorite that would really draw me to a theater. (although I do have to agree that I have never seen Judi Dench do anything but a spectacular job in any part.)
  • Jared Leto and Reese Witherspoon are recent favs. Alan Rickman is one of my all time favs....
  • Another Johnny Depp fan here. He's a-ma-zing. I love Secret Window!
  • Not an actor but Dr Rey on Dr 90210 is absolutely gorgeous!
  • actor- Christian Bale hands down, no one is better.
    actress- Cate Blanchet

    a close second on actresses is Lauren Ambrose- but it has more to do with wanting to look at her then with her talent - not that she isn't talented, just that even if she was in a bad movie I'd watch it so i could ogle her. hehe.