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The Time Traveler's Wife was another one that came highly recommended to me, tamara. I had mixed feelings about it.
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I read a James Patterson book once and I HATED the story so much that I REFUSE to even try to read another one of his.

Another one that I really wanted to like, but just couldn't get into was The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.
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Originally Posted by crysrenae View Post
I also never got more that 5 books or so into Chronicles of became a little too religious for me. (yeah...I should have realized that one before I started)
I've read the whole series and not only is it religious, but given modern day sensibilities, it's racist as well. I was shocked at how terrible the books are, after rereading them as an adult. I have a completely different view of C.S. Lewis now.
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Originally Posted by Heffalump View Post
[*]The Kite Runner. There, I said it. Everyone loves loves loves this book to pieces, I know. I couldn't get into it. Maybe some other time.[/LIST]
You are not alone! It wasn't that I didn't like it or anything, it just didn't do much for me.

Lonesome Dove is another one. I love Larry McMurtry and have read several of his books and usually really like them, but LD just put me to sleep.

Oh, and I know I will be tarred and feathered for this one, but... Nicholas Sparks. I just can't do it.

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Originally Posted by KLK View Post
"100 Years of Solitude" and "Love in the Time of Cholera." I think Marquez is an amazing writer, but I just haven't been able to get through these even though they're important books and I've tried like 5 times each.
Ha! This was my book club's pic last month! Cholera, that is. I didn't even attempt it. I've tried it maybe 3x before and never have been able to get past 100 pages. I was not in on the choosing, and I wasn't too happy that Cholera was our choice for the very busy 1st month of school. I do think I'll read it someday, but who knows.

BTW, I loved Owen Meany! I pretty much love (or at least really like) everything by John Irving. Cider House Rules was my favorite, but Owen Meany is a close second. Now what was that weird one set in Amsterdam with the prostitution? That was weird, but I even liked it!
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Originally Posted by just keep swimming View Post
OK, I really enjoyed The Da Vinci code because it was a fun story, although it was hard to get past the stupid literary cliches in every other sentence. However, Angels and Demons? Awful. Just awful. Worst book ever. (Maybe not ever.) Could not finish it.
I find Brown's stuff enjoyable in a pulp-fiction/Saturday serial sort of way although he's not the best literary stylist and does tend to use the same story template (story takes place within about 1 day, check; jump from plot thread A to plot thread B, or even C, several times before you figure out just *what* the threads are leading to, check; mysterious character with a code name directing the killer[s], check) and just switch the details. I'm about halfway through rereading Deception Point, I think that's his best book

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I do like Brown's books for pure entertainment value and Deception Point is my favorite...probably because I have a bachelor's in Marine Science and I'm getting my Master's and PhD in geology so I love reading the science portions

I also read Owen Meany in high school and I LOVED it...and still do. I haven't read anything else of his but I have a few that I haven't gotten to yet.
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I tried to read The Wonder Spot. I just couldn't finish it.
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i love Neil Gaimman. The last book i just read...i loved and didn't want to put it was Neverwhere. He's a weird writer that has a warped since of perception and i love it.

I also just picked up Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. Loved it the first time around and am still loving it years later.
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I LOVE books!
A great one is Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, it's beautiful you'll love it. I read it in the high school book club! (not about actual bees!Lol!)
*Do you guys have some kind of book club on here?*
Reading takes my mind off eating cause i'm so into the story.... if you guys don't have a book club on here we should make one!
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i loved the world according to garp. a lot. also loved Love in the Time of Cholera (but please, do yourself a favor and NEVER watch the movie, it was dreadful).

My all time top hated book is The Scarlet Letter - which I had to read TWICE in high school thanks to changing schools. I hate the way Hawthorne writes - one sentence taking up an entire freaking paragraph and so much description I want to gouge out my minds eye. Seriously. Other authors I won't read because of over-description include Ann Rice and Stephen King.
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I LOVED this book, really great.

If you liked it, try The Confessions Of Max Tivoli. It's about a man who ages backwards. It's pretty believable although you have to wrap your mind around the very idea.

Off to start a favorite book thread!

Originally Posted by tamaralynn View Post
I can't remember the name of the author - she probably has about 200 books out (popular female non-fiction writer).

I've tried reading her books and just couldn't get past the first chapter LOL.

I did have someone at work lend me "Time Traveler's Wife". I forced myself to finish it... it took me about a month LOL! (I can usually finish a 300 page novel within a couple of days). But I'm happy I did. Very interesting.

If I had purchased the book myself insted of borrowing it, I would have traded it in already.

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I am a James Paterson fan ... er Alex Cross, I guess. But those Women's Murder Club ugh! They just got progressively more dreadful. I gave up on #4 and wasn't even tempted to watch the TV series.
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wow. so many books on this thread i have loved. The Time Traveler's Wife I loved. I believe they made/making a movie out of it. I think Eric Bana stars. Maybe it's already out and I missed it? Hawthorne, Irving, The Blind Assassin, The 'em.

the first book that comes to mind is Wicked. not sure if it was my mood at the time, but i just could not get in to it. weird cause i've read all of Baum's books on the land of Oz. i think it was Maguire's writing style. It was very "see do run." Also, one that was recommended and I had to force myself to finish was Empire Falls which was also made into a movie. talk about an insomnia cure.
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Originally Posted by SusanB View Post
But those Women's Murder Club ugh! They just got progressively more dreadful. I gave up on #4 and wasn't even tempted to watch the TV series.

I think I picked one of those up once somewhere and never got past the first couple chapters.
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