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Smile Hey Kids! Mom's Cookin' SPAM..YAY!

Sure...sure she is

Now, I don't want to offend anyone...seriously! But do you really eat that stuff? Still today, knowing what's in it?

We grew up eating it, my mom fried it up and we had it on sandwiches or sometimes with just some tater tots.

Angie and I shopped last night at we walked down the aisle with the SPAM...I let her get a few feet past it then a loud voice, so people can hear me..."Hey you need any SPAM for your famous casserole?" Now, I do this EVERYSINGLE TIME we go to Costco...and I always get the same look

It would never be allowed in our house...well, one exception, she was going to make it for knuckleheads surfer graduation party, if only he hadn't bombed and blew the party privilege. She was going to fry it up, wrap it in rice and seaweed like they do at the Hawaiian BBQ we go to every now and then.

What about you? Got a SPAM story to share?
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Spam served with Spaghetti O's was a common Saturday lunch at my house as a kid. My Mom also fed us Deviled Ham and canned corned beef lunch meat on a regular basis. Blech! No wonder I was such a fat kid! There's no way I'd eat any of that stuff now.
Did you know they now make a Spam Lite?! Can't imagine what's in that!
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EZ, no SPAM stories at the moment (I have a GOOD one I'll share later!) but I used to eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches as a treat when I was a kid!

Originally Posted by gypsylthr View Post
Did you know they now make a Spam Lite?! Can't imagine what's in that!
Dream a little dream...

INGREDIENTS: pork with ham, mechanically seperated chicken, water, salt, modified potato starch, sugar, sodium phosphastes, potassium chloride, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite
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Thanks, and I thought the rest of the info was interesting, too...

50% Less Fat, 33% Fewer Calories, 25% Less Sodium than SPAM Classic. (Ooooh...classic Spam! LOL)

Calories 110 / Calories from Fat 70 - LITE, yet still over half the calories come from fat!
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Bleccch! I would never eat a spam sandwich when I was a kid (or ever, for that matter!) The only way I would eat it back then was when Mom cut it up into small pieces and mixed it into the Kraft Mac & Cheese. Oh, so healthy!
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Ohhhhh, SPAM!

My DAD loooooves to cut up boiled potatos before they get too mushy, smash up some SPAM, mix it all together, "sautee" it on the stove, and have it at LEAST once a month!

He was raised as a poor farm boy in good ole Alabama before being in the army for 20 years - he SWEARS it's on the food pyramid
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Only the Boy Scouts in my family ever ate this stuff!
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We didn't have Spam in N.S. We had Kam! (K for canned, am for ham) Really the same thing.

My brother and I ate it occasionally when we were kids. We spread on some mustard, sprinkled it with brown sugar and then cooked it in the toaster oven until the edges got a little crispy. Yummy!

Couldn't pay me to eat it now

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I had Spam last Thursday. My grandma always makes it with rice, eggs, takuan and kimchi for me for breakfast. I know what's in it and I still love it. That's why it's a good thing that I only visit there about twice a year.

My grandpa is Hawaiian and my grandma is Japanese, born in Okinawa. Both of them were kids during WWII, so not eating Spam in their household is one of the seven deadly sins. It's the one thing they don't like about my DH! Growing up we had Spam musubi (which is what Gary was talking about) for snacks. Yummy!

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OK... many years ago I brought a friend to go swimming at my parents house. Now, some quick background. my mother was a survivor of 2 brain anyruisms- My mom was absolutely wonderful and everyone loved her! but, she was 1 or 2 carrots short of a bunch. (And I say that with soooo much love- no bad intended.)

ANYWAYYYYY.... My friend and I were relaxing with mom that day, swimming, being lazy, having a drink or two. Mom asked if we would like something to eat and headed off to the kitchen. She came back with SPAM SANDWICHES!!! White bread with raw spam, lettuce, tomato.... maybe some mayo too. OH and did I mention all the jelly stuff still clinging to the 'meat"??? It was absolutely disgusting looking. My dear dear dear dear friend Chuck and I looked at each other, giggled, shrugged, and politely ate our spam and gelatin sandwiches, while mom just sat at the table with us beaming.

Yes, we joked about that for a long time and I still tell that story sometimes. I haven't seen him in years, but I still think of him and remember that day. And I thank him so much for his compassion.

oh... he just loved my mom too- even after that

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SPAM....fried...on toast...with mayo. Junk food of the GODS!!! Seriously!!
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Spam fried in batter with french fries yum.

Also I used to love corned beef hash when my mum made it.

I also love corned beef sandwiches, haven't had one of those in years.
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Oh fried ZWAN (well the equivalent of SPAM in Cyprus) was and still is my brother's and I's favourite childhood food. My grandma used to deep fry it until it was almost crispy and serve it with ketchup .

I now shudder at the caloric intake of it! EEP!!!

Luckily she would cook it so rarely, it was a rare treat for us.

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I lived a deprived childhood. I only remember my mom making it once (fried for breakfast and served with some kind of eggs). I believe we all thought it was way too salty, so I don't remember every having it again after that.

Spam, like fatty bacon, probably is lower in fat and calories fried than not.
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