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Default Trying to do some Denver research for my sister

Hi i've been a member here at 3fat chicks for going on a couple months and have been so impressed with the level of support and encouragement and focus on the positive i've seen here.

So i guess it's no big surprise that i would think to come here for help for my sister. She and her husband are looking to relocate to the Denver area of Colorado because their son lives there and because her husband has been laid off from his position at work and at 65 this seems like a good time to make the switch to semi-retirement for him. This lay-off was unexpected and his job was the source of their health insurance, so it's a pretty stressful time esp. since because of his age and probably his personality he probably isn't too employable and probably won't be a lot of help in this whole transition. She's in the midwest and i'm in Western, WA and not in the position to spend money on a plane ticket to go and help her sort thru things so i offered to help by doing research. Of course i can go to websites, etc to research particular areas of Denver but i thought i'd start here and at least get some ideas for where to look for her.

Ok if you're still reading--thanks so much for hanging in.

Where she lives now she can to the store, to the library and she really likes not having to rely on her car all the time. She works from home as a licensed tax preparer and will often go days without driving her car. She's a great example of someone who keeps in good shape, at least in part, because of the physical exercise she works into her day. I think she also finds it relaxing and stress relieving and really wants to find a place in the Denver area like that.

So i'm hoping some of you Denver area folks will read this and reply to this post or pm me. I really want to help her out and thought the folks at 3fatchicks would help out if you could.

in advance for any information you can send my way. If you just know of an area or areas that even loosely fit that description if you could just name them i'll go from there and research the websites for their cities and chambers of commerce

again. I've got my while i wait to hear from you helpful and supportive gals.
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Let's do this!
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Denver does have a lightrail and bus system, but it's only available in certain areas. I work in boulder (about 30 miles from Denver) and live downtown. I do not have a car. My commute is about an hour and a half.

I would suggest Golden- it's small, walkable, in the foothills and an overall quiet and lovely town with quick access to Denver. However, if they are on a limited budget, Golden may not be an option because it's expensive.

No one suburb is completely off-limits, but some are better than others. Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock (a bit farther south), Arvada (on the west side) are ok suburbs. Aurora offers a lot of housing options, but you have to know where to look.

I love Denver, but hate it's suburbs, so if I were going to, I would buy in Denver simply because it has so many great neighborhoods. The only limitation is the fact that Denver neighborhoods still have a very strong housing market as opposed to the suburbs who have all but collapsed.

The University of Denver neighborhood is a great one for retirees and young families alike, I think because it's far enough from the city, but still very much "in" the city.

Park Hill is much closer in, but pricey.

Cherry Creek is a great area, it has the Cherry Creek shopping district, is retiree friendly, and has a lot to do (art galleries, famer's markets,etc...) It's an upscale neighborhood by reputation, but I've found that it's quite big and there is affordable housing to be found.

Also, there is the Highlands (that's more for the yuppy crowd- big up-and-coming neighborhood).

Getting by in Denver with no car is tough, but people do it. It's a bike-friendly town and there are ample park-n-rides, so there are options.
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