3FC - uniting families without even knowing it

  • I just thought that you'd like to know that 3FC has done more than just help me lose weight.

    I am a participant in The Biggest Loser Weight Loss challenge here in 3FC. I am a member of the Black Team. Also a member on the Black Team is Amberelise (Amber). Well, she is doing something called The Hustle Up The Hancock in Chicago and she sent me a link with info. about it. On this link was her last name. I noticed that her last name is the same as MY maiden name. It's odd because the name is spelled the same way (and this last name is typically not spelled the way that ours is). Also, she is in Chicago, Illinois and my dad was born in Illinois. So, I shot off a message to her about it. She wrote back asking where in Illinois my dad was born. I wrote her back and told her. Apparently her grandpa grew up in the same town that my dad was born in. This was getting freakier and freakier. She e-mailed her Aunt who is a geneology whiz. See, my grandpa (my dad's dad) died at the age of 25, only 2 months before my dad was born. So, I've never known anyone on my grandpa's side of the family (other than my dad's 2 sisters). However, our birthdays are 2 days from being the same, I look and act like him, so I feel such a HUGE bond with him, though I've never met him. I've felt something missing in my life by not knowing him or any of his family. The only connection I've had to him with family is my dad and my dad's 2 sisters. That's why this story is so .... spooky. I heard back from Amber today. The heading of the message was "we are related". It turns out that we have the SAME Great-great-great grandparents! Meaning that our great-great grandpa's were brothers ... which makes our great-grandpa's cousins. Our grandpa's were second cousins. Our dad's are 3rd cousins. This makes Amber and me 4th cousins. I am SO excited about this! I have a chance to now, maybe, get to know some of my grandpa's family! Of all of the billions of people on the internet, what are the chances that 2 long-lost relatives would end up on the same weight loss support website... on the same exact challenge.... on the same exact team!!! It's all just blown my mind! Not to mention we're both the same age. Plus, her dad and my dad were born in the same year! Can somebody please start playing the Twilight Zone music! lol

    So now, 3FC can add a new line to their title: uniting long lost relatives without knowing it!
  • Whoa!

    Thats awesome and amazing!

    FAMILY REUNIONS, INCREDIBLE WEIGHT LOSS ... What more can a teammate ask for? Oh yea did I forgot to mention GREAT FRIENDS!!!!
  • Cool story~thanks for sharing!
  • That is so incredibly awesome! Would you have Amber look around in Illinois for my Knisel's? LOL.

    I hope this opens up quite a bit of dialog for your entire family!
  • Wonderful story.
  • That's wonderful! What a coincidence!
  • Great story & Go Gators!!!
  • Thanks for posting Julz! What a great story! And you and Amber are GREAT teammates! Enjoy finding more about your family history. What fun!
  • That is an awesome story Julz!! Congrats to you and Amber finding each other! I will also put in that the two of you are great teammates!! Go Black Team!
  • Way cool JULZ!
  • Thank you for sharing that wonderful story.