All About Basketball

  • So, the season is here and DH and I are ready to cheer on our Spurs to what we hope will be a winning season for them! I have to say I have deep roots in being a Spurs fan. I was born and raised in San Antonio and my dad has worked for Peter Holt for 25 years. I've met most of the team since Peter bought a majority interest (except for the newest lineup) throughout the years and have to say I love those guys!

    What are your thoughts/predictions on the season? Championship prediction?
  • I am not much of an authority on basketball (I'm not on football or baseball either, but I just THINK I am!!). I'm excited about the Nuggets, though. We have some injured players back now and it is looking good!!
  • COOL for you KIM

    I am now and always will be a LAKER fan...but to be honest the last few years will KOBE have really brought my enthusiasm down.
  • Well, the Nuggets let it get away from them last night. Darn.