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Default Salt or Sweet Comfort Food?

My husband and I were talking about comfort food. We were wondering if there were about as many people who craved sweets as there are who crave salt. My VERY favorite comfort food is Ruffles potato chips (plain) with onion dip. But ONLY if I'm really really really stressed out - I allow this maybe 2-3 times a YEAR! DH loves chocolate - I have a feeling this will be most people - but we're just curious!
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I crave fatty foods. Sweet or salty is kind of irrelevant. Although I tend to crave salty more, sweet is more of a binge problem. And not salty like chips either. Cheese.

I have ZERO interest in sweets that are not also rich. So chocolate or icecream yes, cake no. and overly sweet things like icing blech. I have no problem skipping cake. Unless it is cheesecake.

But if I had to list all my top cravings salty-fatty comes out on top -pizza, burgers, ribs. Stuff like that. Ice cream is about the only sweet that makes the top 5.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Hands down all sweets gets my vote, partial to chocolate. ughh on salty anything!
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I crave crunchy, salty foods like pretzels, crackers but weirdly enough, I don't particularly like potato chips. I do tend to binge on these foods. I also have been known to eat cereal out of the box until it's gone. I think I like carbs more than fat. Don't go crazy with ice cream. I do like sweets though, especially chocolate. Can't keep chocolate cereal in the house like Cocoa Crisp or Cocoa Puffs.
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My comfort food is FRENCH FRIES! They are my absolute favorite food in the world. Any time I am stressed my first thought is McDonalds. In close second is chips and dip. So... Salty, definately!
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Just depends on my mood. I am another HUGE french fry fan. Love chips too. But I also love a good piece of chocolatey fudgey cake or some chesecake.
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Salty, definitely! I LOVE salty and CRUNCHY, though french fries are also fabulous. I love white cheddar popcorn (but regular buttered popcorn is fine, too!), hot fries, nachos, Munchies (especially the cheddar ones!), Cheetos, Ruffles (especially sour cream and cheddar), Pringles, Funyuns...

But as far as sweet goes, I LOVE ICE CREAM, especially Ben & Jerry's "Everything But The..." and Chubby Hubby, because with both of them, you get sweet AND salty! Cold Stone is also really, really good. Oh, I love kettle corn, too. And trail mix, which I understand CAN be good for you, but not in the portions that *I* like to eat it. I love cheesecake, too. And brownies. And cookies, especially the big, round, soft ones... and Oreos. And I love TIRAMISU!! And FLAN! And... and... and... *breathes*

Umm, yeah, I love bad food WAY too much. No wonder I was fat once Talking about this is waking up the MONSTER and making me want to go to the quickie mart that's practically next door.
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Is there a "Yes" option?

It depends on my mood. I tend to get cravings for specific things - I'll crave pie, for example, or a french fry, or pizza. I don't go for salty or sweet specifically, but whatever I'm craving.

Although if I'm having a bad day, its all about the "crusty" - french baguettes with butter.
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i have a big time sweet tooth. that has been the hardest thing I have given up, except for an occational sweet item here and there.
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It's all about the carbs and the fat for me.

Potato chips, cheese, bread. They're what I crave. About 90% of the time, I can walk past the sweets and the chocolate, but every now and then, I'll crave them. I was just talking about this to my mother, strangely enough. I can't keep bread, cheese or potato chips in the house - she can't keep bread or cheese.
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Learning to love myself.
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A peanut butter sandwich solves my cravings. I could often eat anything that doesn't move, and even some of the moving things can be in trouble if they stand still long enough! But a good old peanut butter sandwich usually leaves me with some sense of sanity again.

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I don't have A comfort food. I often crave sweets though. But if I'm really hungry, the thought of sweets turns my stomach and I need solid foods. Cravings there lean towards grease, as in pizza or burgers. Sometimes I crave cheese. I actually used to LOVE Ruffles and french onion dip, but I stopped eating them when I started changing my diet, and I don't really crave them anymore. Ocassionally, I've munched on some chips, but could do without them mostly.

But now that I'm thinking about it, perhaps it's not the flavor so much that draws us as the texture. Sweets, generally chocolate, are creamy and smooth, as is the cheese I often crave, and the grease in those greasy junk foods. So maybe it's the creamy texture rather than the salty or sweet flavor for some. And others may prefer a crunchy texture.
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I will crave certain foods from time to time...maybe once a year for KFC or a greasy Round Table Pepperoni pizza...that I just have to have. Thank goodness it doesn't happen often.

If I never had a piece of pie, candy, cake, ice cream... ever...I would be fine.

My downfall is and always will be I suppose..POTATO CHIPS!

But I am doing so well without having them at all or at least just a serving size.

I still crave them...

I could never ever put money down on that "Bet'cha can't eat just one" bet!
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Happy New Rears!
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My comfort food would be bread and butter.. really good italian bread, or some other fresh baked bread and lots of butter on it.

Next to that... something like macaroni and cheese is a good comfort food.

I like chips and dips too, or popcorn with a half cup of melted butter poured over it LOL I guess you can tell I like butter,huh?

Cashews are good too, nice salty jumbo cashews.

If I am in the mood for sweet - I used to make homemade icing and eat it right out of the bowl with a spoon. Butter, icing sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder.... yummy.

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Hint of Lime Tostidos with lf sour cream...
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