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  • Quote: Darn it! Just came back from the drugstore and saw Oprah. I don't need to know how to "eat" like Oprah, I can put on weight just fine by myself thank you. KIDDING! I'd much rather see our 3FC Amanda.
    With meanness like that, it is no wonder you have been exiled to the Island.


    The pants are fedexed to each of the before/after shoots for their weight loss stories. They are the same pants for everyone, and are merely prop pants....QUOTE]

    So that is what happened to my pants!

    Quote: Daaaang girl, you look HOT!
    That says it all!
  • they don't have any bookstores near my work...so i'll go on my day off to check it out. Can't wait to see it. You are def an inspiration to many!
  • I got mine last week....It is funny I had seen the cover NOT knowing it was OUR Amanda and the "Lose 28 lbs by Thanksgiving" and went YEAHHHHH right - and said to myself "NO, you are NOT going to buy yet ANOTHER magazine just because it advertises weight loss stories", and then came home and read about the cover being Amanda and went back the next day and got it!

    So, Amanda, I am just curious if they made any mistakes in the article? The one time I had a feature in the newspaper they totally screwed the details.
  • Actually, no! And let's face it, WW is sort of notorious for fudging details to make the article work. They were VERY diligent about fact-checking and making sure the article was accurate, used my recipes, and had me verify all of the major statements in the article. All of the things in the menu section are things I would eat, and I do average about 1400 calories a day by filling out my menus with fruits and veggies.

    The only thing not accurate was that by the time they actually published the article, I was down 5 lbs and a size...but can't really blame them for that.
  • Okay, I'm really pouting and fuming that it hasn't arrived in Mississippi yet. I'm so ready to see it. Everytime we go in the store, my daughter runs to the magazine section then comes back to report "It's still Oprah!". Surely by the end of this week, it will be AMANDA, and not OPRAH!
  • I bought it the second I saw it. I actually wish that the article was longer with even more details, but I'm just so inspired seeing you there, mandalinn ^^
  • Amanda in Woman's World
    Amanda - Got your issue of Woman's World this afternoon. Nice spread.

    hmmmm.. maybe that doesn't sound right

    XXXXXXX 7 XXXXX|| 14 ||||||| 21 ||||||| 28 ||||||| 35 ||||||| 42
    Completed Beck Program-day 12. 30 to go. Keep going!
  • Amanda, I'ld like to ask you about the water you drink. In the article it says "my body likes 24 glasses of water a day" is this true and if so ,can you tell me how to know how much water one should drink? Also I have to say I've done (I thought) very well just getting in 8 glasses a day.Does it take long to get used to all the water.
  • OK, let me clear up the water issue.

    I am pretty much convinced my body is bizarre. I follow the "drink until your pee is light yellow/clear" rule. For me, this takes 24 glasses a day. This is NOT typical, and in fact, probably not good for many people, so please exercise caution in your water intake. That was the one detail, though true, that I wish the magazine had not published, mainly because I really do believe that my body is unique in the amount of water it wants. If I drink less, I am actually thirsty.

    Drink as much water as feels comfortable to you. 8 glasses is sufficient for just about everyone, less if you are getting lots of fluids from other sources or eat lots of water-rich foods.
  • Thanks for clearing that up, I thought I would have to drink more water, than I would float instead of walk.
  • Hi Amanda,
    I read the magazine lastnight and came across the infamous article about you! So very cool. Wow, you truly look amazing Amanda, the article was a good read. You outta be very proud of your accomplishment! Celebrity status now for you nodoubt. I hope the paparatzi (sp.) are not following you everywhere these days. Congrats again Amanda for sharing your story, it was an incredible one and I enjoyed the read!
  • Hadn't hit Alaska as of last night.....
  • I got mine last week - it was definitely a thrill to know the covergirl!
  • Quote: This is going to sound really cheeky, but is it possible for someone to scan the article and email it to me - or post the text somewhere so I can read it. I'd love to read it, but we don't get that magazine here and the website I think relates to this magazine doesn't post their articles online.

    Thanks for your help!
    I will second that. I live in France, so there's just no way I can get that magazine here (we do have some of the US/UK press in my area, but it's stuff like Newsweek or The Economist, or the odd Cosmopolitan now and then--not WW). If anyone had the possibility to scan the article and send it to me, or give me a URL, I'd be very, very glad.
  • I'll send it to you, Kery! I just sent you a PM....

    I tried the veggies and pasta last night: very yummy and very filling!