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Default 8-5 Job/RANT

I have a normal boring 8-5 office job. I just have a gut feeling that this ju st isnt me. I feel like theres something out there for me. Am I the only one who feels this way. Dont get me wrong the only reason why im here is for the money. But I just know deep down that this isnt what im supposed to be doing. I wish I could just get up and walk out and have god just guide me. I dont think I was put on the earthto be an office assistant. I feel like Im hear for a reason. Does anyone else feel like this???
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I have an 8 - 5 job. I like it.
I wouldn't like it if I worked with disagreeable people. I like where i work and who I work with, which makes all the difference in the world.
Maybe your fulfillment does lie elsewhere. But - if we all followed our dreams we'd have a world of movie stars and astronauts and wild animal safari photographers, and there would be no one to sell us groceries or be office assistants and the world doesn't work that way. So I guess what I am saying is that our jobs are important. If you're performing a useful service it's a wonderful thing, and no less important than anything else.
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Some people aren't cut out for office work. Perhaps a job in retail, medical field, or outdoors is more suitable for your taste?

Don't quit your job yet. Find out what exactly you want for a job, and if needed, get training for it before you leave this job. Then search for that other job, but make sure you leave on good terms with this job so you have a decent reference down the line.

Good luck!
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I have a similar type problem...
I make a good salary, I enjoy the people I work with, I enjoy my job for the most part but it isn't quite where I want to be.

I often wonder if I should be like the person who is happy to have a job. I think a lot of people would be happy to be in my situation, so should I just do my job and don't think of what is next, what could be better?

For me, it really isn't about money. If I did this job and made twice as much as I'm making, I think I'd still be looking at the next thing. I think I have figured what I'd like to do and I'm not too far from that point, I just have to get there.

Maybe you should think about what you would like to do and see how you can get there from where you are currently at. Do you need to get training? go to school? get experience through volunteer work or in your spare time?
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I feel the same. I'm supposed to start an 8-5 office job on the 28th, and I know its not the longterm job for me. I'm staying with it to make a better life for my family. When we're more stable, I'll be able to pursue my real goals and my ultimate career. I will stick with my day to day job until I am 100% sure I have a place with a career I want. I really want to be a psychologist, so I plan to fund my home study courses with this job and train into the job I want over time.

I am still young, so I have time to "waste" in this office job.
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I used to feel that way about my hairdressing job at Penney's that I had for ten years. I ended up going to college and got a 9-5 job in an office LOL and loved it! I'm not saying you should love your 9-5 job, but you sound exactly like I felt working saturday nights and sundays at the mall and coming home with hair in my bra and sore feet. Sitting at a desk with weekends free and a clean bra when I got home was exactly what I wanted, so I went to community college, got an AAS in Office Technology and a job at Kodak as a sectretary.

You sound like you need a total redirection of life like I did. Try going back to school and getting a new career! You could go nights and then when you're at your 9-5er, you'll at least know you're doing something to change it. And with that college degree on your resume, you'll qualify for higher pay. Even if you have degree already, more school or a multiple degree is good, too.

My 2 cents...take it or leave it. good luck!
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I work in a 8-5 m-f office job. I like the people I work with
(very small office) I really love the flexability meaning if my
daughter has a orthodontist apt. I can go. They let me get
my hair done, nails done and run any errons that I need to.
The down fall to it all is that IAM BOARD alot of the time.
I do make good money and I really love not working weekends.
I just don't feel challanged enough.

I just need to figure out what I want to do. I used to have
a high pressured job and it keep me away from my family now
I have more time with them that's something I won't give up
again !
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I absolutely know how you feel. I worked for an insurance company for a couple of years, and the pay was good, the people were nice, the company was great; however, I was bored out of my mind. I ended up going to beauty school. I now do nails and skincare. Working in the salon is a much better fit for me; however, I know I don't want to do it forever (or even much longer). So, I'm back in college, working on a journalism degree.

Some community colleges will have a large variety of good programs. And because it's cheaper than a university, you can try out a few different things that interest you. Good luck!
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If I had to work in an office I think I would shoot myself. I can't be inside that long; it makes me crazy.

Take some vocational tests online. They can help narrow down what would suit you best. If the results come back "office cubicle worker" then I don't know what to tell you.
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staciec878, I'm going through the same thing as you. I work in a shop. There's really nothing wrong with the place or the people. But I know I was born for bigger and better things. I'm fortunate enough to have known my goals since I was a little girl. But it's a mixed blessing, because my ambitions are lofty - I want to be a famous singer! I know most little girls dream of such things, but the difference is I CAN actually sing!

Everyone (I'm not meaning you - you haven't specified )dreams of big things, stardom, riches, flying into space, etc, but the difference between a dream and a goal is that you have what it takes to get there, and take the necessary steps, even if there's risk involved.

Don't listen to anyone who makes you feel you have to shut up and accept your circumstances. If you believe in your heart you have better things to do with your life, GO FOR IT! Nobody is going to give you an award for just "putting up" with life. And doing something just for the money is what leads to depression and "mid-life crisis"! They say you should go for whatever it is you would do even if you weren't paid. For me, it's singing, I can't help it, and I'm not going to rot in a shop forever just cause it sounds like a big dream.

Listen to your heart, have a good think about what it is that makes you happiest (even if it's a tent in Mongolia), and make a change. I know I sound so cliched, but I'm tired of people who try to be the voice of reason, discouraging others from pursuing contentment. If it's at all practicable for you, then do whatever you can manage to make your heart happy. Make lists of your strengths, what gets your mind active and your heart racing. It takes a lot of contemplation. Good luck
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First figure it the job, or the company?

I've worked as an admin. asst. most of my adult life. Out of all the places I worked, only one really clicked with me. It was the BEST job. I was STILL an admin. asst. But I wasn't stuck in the office all the time. We held meetings at the local civic center, job fairs, legislative receptions, etc. So I was out of the office often. Even when I WAS in the office, I worked at my own pace on MANY different things, from financials to quality reviews to assistant editor of the newsletter to typsetting all brochures and newsletters. So varied that I was never bored.

I left that job to go help my then boyfriend, now hubby, with his business...the cad. :P And I later took a job I really really couldn't stand. Still an admin. asst., but didn't care for the work I did there, or even the people I worked with much.

Being unhappy in a job doesn't necessarily mean a complete career change. You have to decide if it's the career or just the place you're working.
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Well good news!! I start school on the 17th. Im going to start training to be a medical assistant, and take one class on saturdays for my pre-reqs to be a nurse. So when Im going to school to be a nurse ill already have a job working in the medical field, which just might be a plus for getting me accepted into a good nursing program!!!!!
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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
I have a similar type problem...
I make a good salary, I enjoy the people I work with, I enjoy my job for the most part but it isn't quite where I want to be.
I Agree, this is where I am too. That is why I am quietly looking for something else. (that is no one at work knows I am looking...some friends and family do, but NOT co-workers)
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How about working for a nonprofit organization? Many pay just as well as "for profit" jobs and your job duties may remain roughly the same but- at least for me- it makes a big difference to know that I am working for more than just a paycheck. I love it!
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I felt the same way before, but I think it was just a case of me hating where I worked. I left the job when I had a 9-month old and was pregnant again, and I stayed at home. 10 months later, and I'm working in another office job. Staying at home wasn't for me either! So I don't know, I've been fortunate enough to be able to try different things out. Is there any chance you can do that?
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