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Lightbulb Diet Pills??

Okay well ive always taken diet pills....but the ones i was previous taking (liperderm with aphedra) just tasted bad! lol im thinkin about the hoodia pills....has anyone taken them? And which one is the best??? I got to be loosing some more weight! Gettin pumped again!! WOOOOO!!!!
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There's no proof out there that hoodia pills work. I'd talk to your doctor and get some advice from him/her!
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They are only a temporary fix. The moment you stop taking them, you will gain the weight back. I've watched friends do it time and time again. I have a friend who is thin but her hands constantly tremble, and she hasn't been herself as long as she's taken them behaving like a drug addict. Why would you jeopardize your health?
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Check our Does it Work forum, there are a lot of threads there on various diet pills, including hoodia. Right now, the hoodia you buy is 100% ineffective. Really, none of them are helpful. If they really worked, there wouldn't be an obesity problem.
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Originally Posted by Suzanne 3FC View Post
If they really worked, there wouldn't be an obesity problem.

Believe me, I've bought into every diet pill imaginable in the past. Always after that quick fix. Never noticed not ONE difference unless I added diet and exercise. So was it the pill or the diet and exercise?
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ALot of these pills have VERY harmful side effects! It is NOT worth it IMO. Eat healthy, exercise, cal count, ww points, something.
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