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Default Now That I Am All Grown Up ~ I Sure Miss....

Now that I am all grown up ( no smart remarks please ) I sure miss ~

Playing outside with the kids in our neighborhood, on a hot summer night, until way past bedtime.

Do you miss anything?
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so close, yet so far...
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I miss just being a carefree kid, not having to worry about having to go to work the next day or bringing home a paycheck, or having someone else depend on me.

I miss being able to watch cartoons all morning long on Saturdays. Some of my favorites were Flash Gordon, Mighty Mouse, Fearless Fly, Milton the Monster and of course, The Super Friends.
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Things being simple.
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I miss the way me and my sisters and friends used to skate on the pond or creek during the winter when we were young. It never really gets cold enough here to do this anymore. Dang, global warming.
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I wish it was still OK for me to skip down the street or fling my arms around while I was walking.
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I miss someone being responsible for me and being allowed to make "kid mistakes"!!!!
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summer vacation
being able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain any weight
my mom
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Summer vacation, but looking forward to a new school year. (a little geeky, I know)
Riding bikes all over town, all day, until it was dark. Then we'd race home to stay out of trouble. (obviously a long time ago, when it was ok to do that!)
No stress, carefree days.
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Playing kickball, being able to run fast, not thinking about what I'm eating, buying Swedish fish for a penny a fish. Halloween. My maternal grandparents (both deceased now) being alive and in good health... me putting my arms under my legs and my grandpa pulling my arms and flipping me over in the air.
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*I miss walking to the local store and "cashing in" coke bottles then buying candy with the money.
*I miss staying out late playing with all the neighborhood kids and no parent had to worry that something bad might happen.
*I miss my family going to the drive-in.We would play on the playset that set under the huge screen. Then when the movie would start,we would pull out our lawn chairs around the car and pig out on popcorn & RC Cola.
*I miss all 5 of us (Mom,Dad,Brother,Sister & I) sharing a 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom.We never realized that it was crowed or fussed over "not enough room"
*I miss just being a happy child.If we were poor, we NEVER knew it.We did more family things together then what rich people do today with their families.
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i miss playing in those little plastic pools every summer...summer vacation... knowing that my whole life is ahead of me and not being able to imagine a time when I would be XX age...or the year 2000.... i miss having friends to play with
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Originally Posted by SusanB View Post
I wish it was still OK for me to skip down the street or fling my arms around while I was walking.

What? I'm not supposed to do that anymore? I love to walk like that...that and walking like the Monkees like they do when they cross their leg in front of the person next to them. I do that with my daughter from time to time. People look at us but I think if they don't like seeing a mom having fun with her daughter THEY have the problem, not me!

I miss camping with my parents for about half the summer and walking on the beach collecting sea shells, moss and small pieces of driftwood and making 'seascapes' and giving them to my friends.

I miss being able to fall down doing something like ice skating and not feeling like a need ambulatory care.

I miss loafing around reading a book or doing whatever and smelling mom cooking dinner...pot roast being my favorite.

I miss bombing around the campground on my purple bike with the purple banana seat, low rider handle bars with tassles and cut-up straws on the spokes and big, geeky white basket on the front with the five flowers. And my am radio I had strapped to the handlebars (I remember, distinctly, Old Days from Chicago playing on it...weird).
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I miss long road trips with the family.

I miss being able to be a tomboy without having to explain myself.

I miss camping and hiking and swimming ALL day long and then eating 10 s'mores for dinner!
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I miss my Grandparents. When I was younger my sisters and I would always spend the summer or weekends at her house. We used to walk to a little store called "The Country Market" and we'd buy all kinds of candy and gum there. She had a Evap cooler in her house and I would never think about how hot or humid it got in her house during the monsoon season.

Sherry- I have pretty much the same experiences as you did, just reading some of what you said, brought back memories. Especially playing outside until late with the neigborhood kids without our parents worrying about us. Who can do that now? That was so much fun. We would play hide and go seek every night.
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I miss the carefree joys of childhood:
  • hide and seek all over the neighborhood
  • playing kick the can in the dark
  • walking to the local store to buy treats
  • never feeling worried, picking cherries and raspberries and eating them right off the plant
  • watermelon seed spitting contests
  • trick-or-treating
  • card games in the basement on hot summer days when it is too hot to be outside (and we had no air conditioning)
  • playing Barbies
  • making mud pies
  • playing Marco Polo in the neighbor's pool (the only one for miles)
  • sleepouts in the back yard
  • digging snow forts in the winter
  • walking home from school in the rain
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