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I hear ya Aphil. I've been going to the same hairdresser (sparingly - it's expensive!) for the past year and a half, and every time the results are CLOSE to what I want, but not quite. My BF keeps insisting I go somewhere else because of it (she has a really thick accent and he's worried she doesn't understand what I want), but it's more likely that what I'm asking either isn't possible or isn't a good idea.

I have a naturally pink face. Some days it's normal without much pink at all, but others I get a pretty visible flush, so my stylist recommended against any reddish tones in my hair because it would make the pink on my face stand out more. What I'd been asking for is pale, coppery-tinted highlights on top, my natural (somewhat ashy light brown) colour in the middle, and then the under section of my hair a dark, cold brown. So warm on top and cooler underneath.

She believes I'd look better with a rich, warm brown underneath and bright highlights on top (more yellow than anything else I guess), so that's what I settled for - until last time I just got it all done about a shade darker than my natural colour. I asked for a darker ashy brown but it still has very warm tones.

I believe she feels she knows what's best, but I guess I'm wondering what you think Aphil? Would pale coppery highlights over cold dark browns look bad on my chubby pink face? I don't like yellow tones in my hair!
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aphil, you sound like you have better customer service and you’re more attentive to what your clients want than my former stylist. I kept telling her to trim less than ˝”, but she didn't always listen. I remember her saying that doing hair isn’t her passion (yes, she said that in the salon in front of other stylists and clients), so that may have been part of the problem.

LOL @ the parents who wanted "Nike" shaved in the back of their toddler's head.
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Originally Posted by Kim_Star060404 View Post
vealcalf2000: I have always loved and used the ouidad line of products for my curls. One thing I'm in love with right now is the Summer/Sun Shield Spray. It works like a charm protecting my hair from the chemicals in the pool as I do water aerobics 3-4 times a week.
Thanks Kim! I checked out the website for ouidad and looks awesome! I've been trying to get nice shiny bouncy curls like they show on the website and am going to look into purchasing some of the products. Thanks a lot!
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I am a curly girl! I like curlygirl and naturallycurly (especially the boards) websites for info. I think what works best for good curl definition depends on the kind of curls you have. For my hair, the most important thing for my hair is a good cut, then NO rubbing with a towel, airdrying only, and absolutely NO combing or brushing (I finger comb only). There are finally some decent products out there, like ouidad, but I personally often go no poo. I have not found many hairdressers who know jack about my kind of hair, especially in my younger years. I've learned a lot by trial and error and talking to other curlies. Ironically, most people who do hair are blown away (groan) by how healthy my hair is. They say "I wish I had your hair," yet freak out when they find out how I take care of it, including my current hairdresser (who is a great haircutter!) included. .
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Originally Posted by GreenT View Post
LOL @ the parents who wanted "Nike" shaved in the back of their toddler's head.
Yeah, wow. I bet Nike LOVES that. Free advertising, in fact, parents paying to advertise for Nike.
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I work with a lady who is a hair dresser on the side. Whenever I'm sitting outside for my break and i'm bored enough to pull out my sissors and start snipping at the little split ends; she has a fit. LOL
She's like "Stop that!... that's the worst thing a hair dresser can see." Ever single time. It like drives her up the wall for some reason, I don't understand it lol.

I haven't gone to a hairdresser in almost two years. (I got a trim) I was thinking of going back and getting my hair evened out. but I'm sorta sad about cutting all the length it's gonna take to even it up. About three inches or so.

While I know some hair just dosn't get any longer, I know that the average growing span of a hair is 7 years. for some it's shorter, for others they grow for much longer. I just want to see how long I can get my hair. Even though I can't do much with it. I always have my hair in braid or bun. And it really dosn't bother me that I can't do anything else with it. It's not like I have the time for messing with my hair. Nor am I showing off for anyone so I don't care if my hair looks the same every day.

Sometimes, though, I wish I was thinner (duh LOL) and had a different shaped face so I can cut my hair short. kinda punky looking. I've always wanted short punk-like hair for ages. but my face is round and short hair of a large person, (at least on me) isn't very nice.
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Default ??question??

I have a LOT of hair, the last couple of years it's been getting wavy and even really curly depending on what product I put in. I'm going to post a pic that was taken last fall. My hair color has always been funny, really golden blonde on top and then really ashy underneath. My question is, I've noticed in the last few months that I have ultra kinky, thick black hairs growing at the top of my head.........why???? I've been plucking them and just kinda avoiding the issue. I know that my hair has been goofy since I started having some hormone imbalance problems, would these black hairs be a result of that too? I am at a loss, I don't know why they are there or what to do about them besides plucking?
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