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lendingheart 06-26-2007 10:47 AM

Weird Diet Dream!
Has anyone else had weird dreams?

I have always had dreams off and on where i was skinny. I was once skinny and can remember i guess..

But last night i had a wild dream.... stupid too. Ok here it goes... im an Andy Griffith fan, but oddly enough i didnt watch any yesturday... oh well. I was invited to dinner to the Taylor home. the kitchen didnt look like aunt bea's... or anyone else i know.

Food was on the huge the table and i remember thinking... oh no, this i going to blow my calories for the day ( im a calorie counter) I was peeling the skin off the fried chicken breast ( hiding it under the mashed potatoes) dividing up my food so could eat but not blow it and not hurt aunt bea's feelings...

I dont remember eating in the dream... but i remember themla lou was late and she was a distractant so i could dump the skin without aunt bea noticing.


Then i had another dream where I was at my moms old house wherei grew up... and she had just went to the store and i was getting her groceries out... i remember there being losts of bell peppers ( i love them) thats all i remember.

meghan714 06-26-2007 12:38 PM

I too have had some weird food/weight loss related dreams.

Recently I dreamt I was going through the fridge looking for something to eat and noticed an Arby's take out bag. I thought "Why is there an Arby's bag here, my parents never bring back food from Arby's." I turned around to face the stove and there was a cheddar roast beef sandwich sitting in a dutch oven. I wanted it and thought I'd just take the roast beef off since I don't eat meat.

When I first starting eating better, about a year ago, I dreamt I ate an entire christmas tree shaped rice krispie tree. It was huge and I woke upset thinking I'd really eaten it!

Oh, and in all my dreams I am thin. It's weird how the mind works.

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