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Question Need help naming my boutique!!

I am in the process of opening a women's plus size clothing boutique/store and need some help coming up with a catchy name.
Any suggestions would be helpful!
Thank you.
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Heather 2.0
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Extra! Extra! LOL

...just a thought... sorry
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Fully Stylish
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too much of a good thing!
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Too Much Of A Good Thing ?
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QueenSize ?
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I second the Fully Stylish.
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Queen Bee.
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WOW! one post and asking for "my" advice...hummm...what's my cut if you use my idea?
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Thank you guys for the help so far...Fully Stylish is definitely growing on me! I had considered N-Style Boutique, but couldn't decide if the name should let everyone know it's plus size.
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Corrina's Closet?
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I'll let you in on a little secret on my naming strategies for dance troupes/children/etc.

~Don't go too "cutesy".

Here is something you could do, I did a similar thing when I came up with the name for a dance troupe:

~Think of all of the names that describe plus size, and list them all: Queen, Plus, Full Figure(d), and so on and so forth.

~Think of things that RHYME with all of the full figured names.

~Think of phrases that normally go with the rhyming names, instead of the actual plus sized name.

~Find a combination that is good together.

If you didn't understand that at all (laughing) here is what I did with the dance troupe that I am currently involved with:

Cairo Technics (instead of Pyrotechnics)

Make sense?
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Hmm... I think I'd feel pinpointed a bit if I walked into a store where the store name amplified my size. With Torrid and Lane Bryant, most people know those are plus-size stores, but it's not in the title, and I think I am more comfortable with that. I'd go by the feel of what you were selling instead of the size. What are you selling?
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Finding My Bliss
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Fully Fashion or Fully Fashionable comes to mind

Voluptuous Vestments, Dangerous Curves, Fully Loaded or Stacked would work, depending on the vibe of the place
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When I worked in a plus size boutique, we had a few college girls (super skinny) come in for plus size t-shirts because big T's were all the rage. They were completely obnoxious! So after they left, us gals in the store were joking that we needed electronic doors that would only open for plus sized patrons. We decided we were going to go for an urban hip hop flair, and call it We Be Phat Chicks
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