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Unhappy It's snowing again.

It's April. I want to go outside and start really walking with my son. And guess what. Its snowing again. We had just melted from the last snow storm. Now we're supposed to get 10 to 15 more inches. When is it going to end? Our driveway is just so muddy I don't want to go outside except to go to work.
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I know it. I live in Michigan and it's been raining and snowing and doing all sorts of horrible things. Spring, rescue us!!
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so close, yet so far...
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Sending you some Hawaiian sun to melt away the snow. Wishing you warmer days ahead.
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this is my time
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i know it really stinks. here in Wisconsin at the end of March we were having serve thunderstorm and tornado warings. Now during the week of Tornado awareness week i believe(my husband would be disappointed in me if i am worng) we had winter storm and snow adviseries. tuesday thru wendseday evening.
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learning to live
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Supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow here, too. Of course it's nice all week, and then the day I really want to travel out of town (niece's second birthday!), it's supposed to snow. Bah!
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I can relate!
I live in Upstate NY (Saratoga area), Lake George. It snowed today, a couple of inches! Yuck! My oldest son had a baseball game yesterday and today there is snow. Go figure! Will it ever warm up?? It is so depressing! I also heard we are supposed to get more snow Sunday! We are on SPRING Break now!(Keyword SPRING). I can't wait to be able to get outside and sit in some warm sun.

Send me some of that Hawaiian sun! I bet it is beautiful there all the time.

OK, enough complaining from me,
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so close, yet so far...
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Here you go Lisa and for all those that need it. I just got back from a short walk around the block. It's hot out there! (sorry )
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One day at a time
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Same here...when is spring going to get here?!

It has been raining all day, and cold and supposed to start snowing tonight sometime, ugh! So tired of this weather. I want to be in Hawaii Noelle...basking in the sun. I can dream can't I?
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SAME HERE!!! We got 8" of snow on Thursday (yesterday) and another storm is coming Sunday. We had ONE day so far that was maybe 52 degrees. Other than that, low 40's and cloudy or snowy. I feel like it's a Twilight Zone episode or a Ray Bradbury movie, "The Year It Never Warmed Up"
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