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Question Spinoff: Are you friends with any of your ex's?

Spinoff off my high school sweetheart shooting me down...
are you friends with any of your ex's?

I am.. act. he is married to one of my old friends and they are expecting their 2nd baby and I do cakes for their son now
see i have no prob with being friends with ex's but sometimes i forget that others are
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Not friends, but one every couple of months or so I talk to the guy I went out with in high school online. However, we only say "hi" and ask how the other is doing and sign off. It's not deep stuff or anything like that...just fluff. I don't tell my boyfriend though, because I know he would be mad.
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I've never been able to stay friends with them...mostly because I dont want to.

I've always believed that exes are exes for a reason.
No going back!
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I am not friends with any of my exes and I prefer to keep it that way.
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honestly, i have never been able to be friends with an ex... but i've tried and it just never works out, cause really what's the point? i mean it's not that i want anything bad for them or anything it's just they are no longer a part of my life so i don't waste the time, energy and effort on them.
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I used to be friends with one of my exes, it led to on again off again stuff, so I stopped talking to him altogether. On the other hand my current boyfriend is friends with most of his exes (which I have no problems with ), but that's mainly cause he's from a small town and the dating/friend pool isn't that big so you tend to stay friends with people after you date.

Sometimes I do miss not staying in touch with my ex, we used to have great talks. He was around during a stressful time for me and helped me through it. It's always nice to chat with someone who remembers first hand what you went through.
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here we go again
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I am still friends with most of the guys I've dated actually. I think mostly because I've only ever dated guys that I was already friends with, it just seemed natural to continue to be friends afterwards. I dont see most of them too often, but we keep in touch on myspace or run into each other occasionally.
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Just Me
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Uhh no
Every guy I've dated had been my friend at first. After dating, we drifted apart. When I was in college, I dated a guy for almost a year, broke it off with him but I wanted to be friends. I actually got hurt because he didn't want to talk to me anymore after that. I guess I thought we could go back to the friends situation and I started to thinking that he was only friends with me because he wanted to date me. Anyway, I got over that. I then had another guy who I dated that really wanted to be friends with me. He even told girls he liked or was dating to talk to me. "Hey so-and-so told me you were a cool person and to say hi to you. Would you like to go to lunch with me?" Uhh yeah, what do I have to say to someone who is dating someone I used to date? Nothing.

Life goes on. I have no desire to talk to anyone I went to high school or college with. I think that is really part of the past. I have some friends who have stuck with me through the years but I definitely don't have a desire to be buddy buddy with guys I've dated.
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I am still "friends" with my ex husband because we have 3 kids together. But I am sorta friends with his current girlfriend. They have a baby together so it is my kids half brother. We are on each others myspace list. There was a time way back when that she caused some issues in our life though.
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Exes, or exes? LOL I stayed friends with an ex boyfriend. We parted on good terms, just too different. And I intro'd him to a school friend and they married and had a daughter...then divorced. But I've been divorced twice myself. Friends with THOSE exes? Not on your life. Maybe it's the marriage thing that changes things, I dunno. Or maybe it's that they both turned out to be crazy lunatics? Yeah, I'd say it's the latter.
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Nope. as someone else said earlier, "all my ex's are EX for a reason"...

There's only one guy I dated, whom I also lived with that I know we wouldn't have a problem with being friends, but we just drifted apart - and technically were never bf/gf - more "roommates with benefits"

Aside from him I've been in 3 other relationships. (not including my current/future/last bf whom i've been with for 7 months now and am living with)

High school sweetheart - 8 month relationship - i cried, but we both knew it was for the better - i was going to college he was still in high school. haven't talked since.

Guy #1 - dated for 3 weeks (3 years ago) - up and decided after 3 weeks of "i love you, you're my gf forever..." - up and decided, "I don't like you anymore" never saw him again.

Guy #2 - dated for 2 months - he left me for his cocaine addiction.

I really knew how to pick em! lol. But honestly, the guys i dated in the past were very immature, as was I. I didn't know how to be IN a relationship and everything was always about me...which is why none of my relationships lasted more than a few weeks. But ya grow up and once you realize and admit to your past mistakes, you learn from them and move on. :-D
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I've kind of lost touch over the years but my college boyfriend from freshman and part of sophomore year came to our wedding and later came to visit us in Tx. He was also friends with dh before he met me though. (but we were long broken up when dh and I hooked up)
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I wanna be a loser, too
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Nope. However, I'm clear across the country now. I've heard about them when I go back and visit. I wish them all well, there are no hard feelings.

That said, I have absolutely NO desire to see and/or hear from or about my ex. The "Rotund One" . I don't care what happens to him. I don't wish him harm, but I wouldn't lift a finger to help him, either.
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Slimming down in San Fran
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Am I a bad person if I say DEAR GOD NO?

There are some fates worse than death
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learning to live
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I am - two of them to be exact. One of them was my best friend and my first love. He's now married with a 3 yr old son and a newborn daughter, and I couldn't be happier for him. He's come a long way and it is great to see how he has changed since we dated. I've changed quite a bit as well, and it took us nearly 3 years after we stopped dating to become friends again.

The other has also been a best friend to me. We were friends for a few years before we started dating. Now he's married & working at a new job. Once again, it's been great to see how he's changed too.

They may be exes for a reason (and I'd never *ever* consider dating either one again, if we were single), but I think the fact that we were so close to begin with made a big impact. Mostly, I had to pull up my big girl panties and deal with my own issues so there was room for friendship :P
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