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plucky clucky
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Default Good Lord have mercy!

65,000 + members on here. Did I see that right? Good grief, I thought it was just me thinking I wasn't here as often but it isn't. So ......many .....posts........can't ........keep ................up.
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But Goodness sakes- Variety is the spice of life !
You could be hanging out on a little bitty board for just a 25-30 active members and just a few posts...
or you could be here with everyone else who comes from just across town or across the world. Imagine if active members converged on one place at one time- how fast they would run out of yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies !
I am impressed on how much information comes across here every day.
Just A-maz-ing !
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And yet I probably see maybe the same 30-40 people 90% of the time?
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That's true, ennay. I feel like I'm all over the board, but then I'll see a name I don't recognize that has made 5,000 posts and I realize that there are sections of the board I never visit (like UK chicks, weight watchers, south beach, featherweights). It's great how varied it is.
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I see the same people around a lot too, and some people you talk to a couple times and then you never see 'em again
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I'm sure that number constitutes a lot of people who signed off and never signed back on again.
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Originally Posted by ennay View Post
And yet I probably see maybe the same 30-40 people 90% of the time?
This is true and sweet, tammy, and alinell, they probably are the single posters.

But...........all I can say is that we have the coolest forum around and even if they don't post....people want to be in our club. Or they want to at least say that they are members of our club.

We are just cool like that. You can't blame people for wanting to be members of the popular crowd even if it is in name only, can you?
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