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Default What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

Okay, I'll start. This may not be the dumbest, but it was pretty far up the ladder:

I go to the grocery store and as I'm putting my groceries in the trunk, my purse and keys get in the way. I throw my them in the trunk. I unload all the groceries, grab my purse and shut the trunk. Yep, keys are in the trunk and I had not yet unlocked the door. Alas, DH is out of town for the weekend (he goes out of town perhaps once every 5 years!). Thankfully, I have my wallet and cell phone so I can call AAA. AAA comes and opens the door but the electrical system in the car is such that if the door is not opened with the opener, the electrical system shuts down until you open the car with the opener. Yup, I had to crawl into the backseat, unlatch the split fold down, crawl into the trunk to get the keys. All while the AAA guy is watching. How embarrassing! I didn't have to pay anything for the AAA service, but I did give him a $20 tip in hopes that he doesn't tell the story to his friends!

BTW, I got a new car--it has keyless entry and keyless ignition. The instruction book says that you cannot lock the key fob in the car or the trunk. I tried, it's true! I'll never lock my keys inside again unless I'm in DH's car!!!
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lol this reminds me of a story - really more dh's story

friends of ours with a subaru found out the hard way that if you have the car running and lock the doors you CAN NOT unlock it with the fob, only with a key. They had tried to warm up their car one evening and locked it and took the fob and couldnt unlock it.

So the same day they tell us this dh and I go to a movie in OUR subaru and we are talking about it and we get to the theater and get out of the car and dh leaves the keys in the ignition, gets out hits the lock button on the door and locks the keys in the car.

We had to call those same friends to drive to our house, go in, get our spares and come get us.
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The dumbest thing you've ever done was lock your keys in your trunk? I've done that! More than once! Eeesh.

My dumb things all ended up with injuries. Like tripping over a chair and breaking my wrist. Even though I knew the chair was there. (to my credit, the chair was in a weird place, I was getting up to pee in the middle of the night, and it was mid-finals and I was exhausted...but STILL)

Lets see, what else. I have tripped and fallen down stairs. Dropped knives on my foot, and on my knuckle requiring stitches. Lots of stupid, lots of injuries.
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Got married ~ TWICE!

oh...wait a minute...that's what my ex and Angie say....

Just kidding~ I LOVE being married, especially to my wife!!!
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Well, i just have the typical dumb putting my foot in my mouth...i do that often. My sister, mom, and my best friend won the award of dummest things said. Get this, my sister was with me and a group of political intellectuals one day. She blurted out, "wait, who was president when Kennedy got shot?" It was insanely quiet after she said that. Once she realized what she said she turned beet red and didnt say another word the entire night.
Next prize goes to my best friend. We were on a road trip to florida with our boyfriends (whom we later married) and she said, "what state would we end up in if we kept going straight down through Florida?" Too funny.
Then there is my dear mother. She was giving my 13 year old a geography lesson. They got on the topic of Alaska. She said, "isnt it funny how Alaska is right next to Hawaii yet their climates are so different". My son just looked at her. She took pity on his confused look and proceeded to show him on the map how they are both located at the bottom left of the map they were looking at. My son looked at me and said, "What am i supposed to say?" He didnt want to be rude and point out to grandma that alaska is actually up by Canada, they just show it by Hawaii because the map doesnt have Canada on it. Geeze mom. She laughed and said, "Well, i always wondered why an island had such a straight edge on that eastern side." DUH. Too funny.
Hanging out with relatives like that can make you feel really smart, ha ha.
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Default I hit myself with my own car!

Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
The dumbest thing you've ever done was lock your keys in your trunk? I've done that! More than once! Eeesh.
Same here...locking my keys in my car isn't even close to the dumbest thing I've ever done. I used to lock my keys in the car so frequently that I took to carrying a spare key in my purse and keeping another spare in the house. Then I would lock my car key, house key, and purse in the car. I did this once in the middle of the freeway during the morning rush hour. It is an amusing story but surprisingly not the dumbest thing I've ever done so I won't digress to tell it here.

The dumbest thing I've ever done is hit myself with my own car. The first thing you have to understand is that it was an incredibly awesome car. It was a 1979 Fiat Spider Convertible--the kind with the little round headlights, barely any back seat, and a cute little luggage rack on the trunk (here is a picture of one:, but mine was white with a maroon interior). It was the envy of all my friends and I felt so hip driving it. Fiats, however, are notorious for breaking down. Every two weeks it stopped running for some reason or another, often at inconvenient times. At this time, there was some problem with the transmission so that sometimes it wouldn't go into reverse (it was a stick shift). We had a long narrow driveway that sloped downward towards the street with a tree at the bottom of it. The car was parked at the top of the driveway (you see where this is going, don't you). I had to go somewhere that I couldn't be late for, I couldn't get the car in reverse, and my Dad (my trusty mechanic that normally fixed these things for me) wasn't home. So I thought, I'll just give it a little push, it will start rolling down the driveway, I'll hop in and be on my way. I'd actually done this successfully before, but this time I pushed it a little crooked and it was angling towards the dreaded tree. Remember, this is a totally awesome car! So, in my panicked logic, I thought: "I'll jump behind the car and stop it before it hits the tree." Looking back, all I can say is thank God for the tree. I caught up with the car just about at the tree and jumped behind it. The car smashed into the tree with my leg cushioning the bumper nicely, then bounced off and I was able to quickly pull my leg out before the car rolled back into the tree. It was three weeks of physical therapy before I could walk on the leg again, but other than that, both the car and I came out just fine. If the tree hadn't been there, I don't think things would have come out quite so well. I've done a lot of dumb things, but that was definitely my dumbest moment.
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ok this is a pretty good one

My sophomore year in college I came back to campus early after winter break. The dorms were still closed.

dumb thing #1 - I made "arrangements" to crash with some friends who were notoriously unreliable - mostly because they spent so much time higher than a kite that they never remembered what they agreed to. I didnt confirm with them before I flew back either.

Fortunately the airline lost my luggage. I say that because I had to call them for their address to send the luggage and thats when I figured out that they werent home/in town. Had I not had lost luggage, I would have taken the light rail there and been stranded in the most dangerous part of cleveland at 2 am.

So I found another friend that I barely knew and called him - gave his address to the airline and his roommate came to the airport to get me. Luggage was delivered early early the next morning.

The friend was super nice and the next day said if I drove him to work I could use his car that day. So I dropped him off at a huge office building with agreement to come back at 5. No idea of the name of the company he worked for in the building. No way to contact him.

I drove back to the street he lived on. That is when it dawned on me that all the houses looked alike and I had no idea which one was his. I had left my address book with the phone number and the address at the house.

Finally after a couple of hours of trying to track him down through campus, I called the airline and asked them the address where they delivered the luggage

"we show here that you signed for it"

"yes, I did, but I dont know where I was at the time"

they probably thought I was a complete druggie

p.s. that friend...he's now my dh
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Two dumb moments pop into my head.The first was when I was about 14 or so and closed the car door on my finger.I didn't realize it until I tried to walk away.Of course,a trip to Urgent Care was required and I lost a fingernail

The second was when I was about 24,and in a hurry to pit an advacado.Held it in my hand and used a slipped and went through my hand.Another trip to Urgent Care and stitches Funny thing was,I used knives at work all day long,and never hurt myself there.
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lmao My parents' friend ran herself over. It was a bit worse than yours, though. She lives on a HUGE hill and leaned in the car to get something and somehow accidentally knocked it into reverse and it rolled down, dragging her down the hill and running her over. It ended up going UP a telephone pole. She was out of commission for MONTHS.

As for me, I NEVER do anything dumb. I'm perfect!

Actually I just don't know where to start

Originally Posted by BlueToBlue View Post
The dumbest thing I've ever done is hit myself with my own car.
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I didnt really do anything stupid here, but my dumbest trip to the ER..

I was unwrapping a bouillion cube and the foil went under my fingernail. I tried cleaning it as best I could. A week later it was seeming a bit infected so I put some neosporin on it. The neosporin attacked the infection swelling it like crazy---under my nail. I swear to god it hurt worse than labor. At midnight I drove to the ER to get it lanced and cleaned (and a tetanus) which they did without anesthetic.
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I backed my Tempo under the flat bed of my DH's work truck once.
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I've done many dumb things....(like marry my Xhusband) but one of the worst was trip over the dog on a wet tile floor, self-propell forward, land splat on my face, breaking both nose and surgery was extensive and painful.
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When I was 12, I stole my dads truck, a 4x4 Ford, parked it in the driveway, with the intent of cleaning it up and spiffing it up, so I and some friends could go cruising. When I got out, I didn't put it fully in park, I hadn't actually turned it off, hopped back in, meant to stomp on the break and stomped on the gas, with the truck in reverse, driving it full speed on TOP of the across the street neighbours 79 Celica. As IF that wasn't bad enough, I then slam it in OverDrive in an attempt to get it off the car, like maybe the guy wouldn't notice??, when that didn't work, I used the 4x4 option and literally melted the transmission into a blob. Needless to say, it was a long, long, LONG time before I drove again.
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Mine starts with me saying "I wonder why they say these lawn darts are so dangerous"....and ends with you filling in the rest with your own imaginations.
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hehehe. so many stupid stories... I have done the avacado knife through the hand thing, mine didn't require stitches but it did require a tetanus shot.

My most embarassing trip to the emergency room - it's the holidays and I'm making truffles for my family. The chocolate is hot and needs to set up so I go to put it in the freezer, which shot one of those huge Freezer packs (you know the big plastic things with blue goo to put in lunch boxes) out at me, which landed on my toe and during the scuffle all my boiling hot chocolates slid off the tray and right down my chest and cleavage. Lucky for me my toe was not broken, but it still sucked.

I am a huge clod, and am constantly doing embarassing things, like once I was running and then I just wasn't running anymore. I didn't trip or twist my ankle, just fell for no apparent reason. Severely bruised the top of my foot, had to be on crutches for like 2 weeks... finally healed up, and I fell and reinjured it the day I gave the crutches back. I am AWESOME!
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