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  • BTW, regardless of how who sang the final song, does anyone but me thing that song sucked eggs? Couldn't they get a better song than that?
  • quote Clydegirl "Jordin outsang Blake last night. I'm sure he will do very well but Jordin will win it tonight. The final song was more suited to a singer like Jordin. Felt bad for Blake as it was so not him."
    That's because the producers wanted Jordin to win from the beginning and that's how Melinda got voted off at the end, there was no way they wanted Melinda the powerhouse against their golden child.

    "Did anyone see the glare from Melinda when Jordin was singing?"
    I don't think it was because of how Jordin sang, but more so because the song itself was just cheesy and oh-so-wrong, even more so than that sucky song Tamyra Gray wrote for the other season.

    "Anyway that's it almost over for another year. BUT auditions will be coming soon for the next season at a stadium near you "
  • Quote: Did anyone see the glare from Melinda when Jordin was singing?
    I was gonna ask if anyone else caught this. Chris is there rockin' out and Melinda was just standing there like a stone with that death stare. Not sure what that was about.

    I didn't really care for the new song either, too bad for Blake that it really was something more suited to Jordin's style. I agreed with Simon's assessment at the end, Blake rocked the first performance, Jordin's pipes were hot last night. Either way they'll both go on to make records and tour.
  • I saw that too! That was crazy!
  • 4/18
    Quote: I think Jordin may be the dark horse of the competition, I could see her winning!
    Quote: Kind of a rough night last night though, the performances weren't what I was expecting. Ah well, Jordin is still my girl!

    Do I win a prize?

    I TiVo’ed the show and it cut off the end. I had to find out who won from the red carpet coverage on the news afterwards.
  • Quote: I TiVo’ed the show and it cut off the end. I had to find out who won from the red carpet coverage on the news afterwards.
    It went over 9 minutes. You should have added extra time to your live broadcast
  • Well, I'm happy. I like Jordin AND Blake...just Blake a little better. Something tells me he was sort of hoping that Jordin would he would feel bad for her if he won. Part of why I like him so much...seems like a genuinely nice and awesome guy. Can't WAIT to buy his CD.

    Anyhow...I didn't really watch the show until the last five minutes. I tuned in once, though, in time to see Joe Perry from Aerosmith playing guitar with Sanjaya with Sanjaya's hair blowing in the wind!! And I said, no wonder my husband hates this show!! Waht a train wreck he is!! I wonder how many millions they had to pay him to play on stage next to that disaster!?! How embarrasing it must have been!

  • I had no doubts after Tuesday's performances that Jordin would win. I mean, with that song they both had to sing, their first single--man, the producers pretty much gift wrapped it up in sparkly pink paper and bows and handed that one to Jordin--no WAY was that in a good realm for Blake
    But I wouldn't have been disappointed either way, and I think this is the way it really should be, anyway. Blake is great, but I don't think he's an "Idol," ya know? But hopefully he'll be as successful as Clay was as a runner up (Clay is the only runner up I can think of who did well--I thought McPhee's first single stunk to high heaven, haven't heard much out of Bo, never heard anything from Justin...), and hopefully he'll even be more successful like Daughtry.
  • Blake kind of has it made right now, more than jordin even though she won. You know there are multiple signing offers to choose from just waiting for him, but since Jordin won she's already set up with a deal with a certain label and a certain producer. One of the things Kelly Clarkson talked about a little while after she won was how she wished she was able to go a different direction with different producers, different label etc. She said they dictated too much of her first album. So if you think about it Blake kind of got lucky, he's not a "pop prince" and I think that's what they may have made him out to be had he won.
  • Justin spends his days on TV Guide channel for Idols Rewind chat. LOL

    And here's a little some behind the scenes info on the show that I'm probably the only one here who noticed. I keep the closed caption turned on to perhaps boost my son's learning to read. Read it in an article, it must work. LOL! Anyway, whomever they have typing the captions in on the live AI broadcast should look for a new job. They STUNK! Half the letters were inverted, some missing altogether, and very often they simply skipped whole lines of text. They'd sometimes space for minutes then just skip it all and start again where they left off. I think they replaced the person during the last 15 minutes or so, because I noticed they suddenly started keeping up.
  • I'm glad to see that Jordin won, but really felt Melinda had the best voice in the competition.

    LOL, techwife, my DH was watching and said "I bet Joe Perry is so embarassed to be on stage with Sanjaya".

    Did anyone catch the red carpet pre-show? I know Paula had just had a broken nose, but she looked like she could barely stand and her speaking was all slurred. I thought she was gonna fall over.
  • Quote: I'm glad to see that Jordin won, but really felt Melinda had the best voice in the competition.
    Yep! My sentiments exactly.
  • My husband wondered how much they had to pay the little blond girl to come back and cry for Sanjaya... ... I'm surprised they didn't put the camera on Simon when Sanjaya was on stage, or maybe they didn't dare...

    I still preferred Melinda, but I'm not worried about her, she'll do extremely well... I'll certainly buy her CD...
  • I felt bad for Joe Perry as well, is he in dire financial straits or something??? He's a guitar god and for him to grace that stage, gee willikers!
  • I think that the thoughts must have been that if they put Joe Perry up with Sanjaya, he'd make Sanjaya look good. Too bad it didn't work.