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  • I'm sure it was Lilybelle who posted that about knowing Carrie Underwood.

    Sorry but I just had to chime in because I ony saw the Latin performances yesterday and Blake was sooooo good! He has a knack for picking the perfect song and making it sound fresh. He's adorable. I can't remember if i mentioned that here In England, we have a British reporter who covers AI and she always interviews the Idols. Not sure if you guys get to see that in The States. She was interviewing Blake and he said he forgets about voting sometimes. He said all his friends were down and they were out bowling and he said to them why are you guys on the phone and they were like we're voting for you, dumbass. It was really cute and humble but not in a Melinda-humble sort of way, ya know?

    Anyway, I'm actually looking forward to country week cos none of them strike me as country performers. I love some of it, like the old real country and Garth Brooks and Dixie Chicks. I'm dying to see what song Blake chooses. I agree with Misty. I bet he pulls it off!
  • I don't know if anyone else saw Jennifer Hudson sing our National Anthem last night at the DODGER game but OH MY GOODNESS! did she ever draaaaaaag it ouuuuuuuutttt...I think we fought the entire war in 1812 faster! I know F.S. Key wrote it quicker...dodging cannon balls and all!

    Maybe she can see her "15 minutes of fame" ticking bye-bye
  • Hey, Mummy Tummy... I am so glad to hear that you like our "local boy" over on that side of the water. It is hard not to be prejudiced LOL. It IS fun having someone from home in the top!!!
  • Blake is my first favorite and Melinda is my second.
  • Just thought I would pop in here too. I think I am going to have to go with Blake as my favorite too. I am somewhat disappointed with the group this year. At the beginning of this season I said this was going to be the best season yet, but sometime after the hollywood tryouts it seems like they all lost their "umph". I think LaKisha, Chris, and Blake are the only ones that have been consistently good. And bless his heart, Sanjaya is just not a performer. He may have a good voice, which is only showing every now and then, but he isn't cutting it because his singing fails when he has to put the performing (dancing etc.) in there too. Now if he could just sit down at every performance lol....
  • Yee-Haw it's country night.

    Don't forget to vote.
  • OK ~ I haven't seen American Idol for weeks....isn't holding my interest this year, especially after our little HALEY was so wrongly eliminated last week, but I thought I would give it a go tonight since my DODGERS weren't on TV. I turned it on just in time to see SANJAYA...I think it is safe to say he belongs in a FRIUT BOWL

    LaKisha just sang...I thought she did to bed....
  • I still liked Blake the best, he's great! I also thought Chris, Melinda and Phil did good tonight. I read on the internet that Haley is planning her wedding.
  • I enjoyed Melinda and Jordin last night. Jordin gets better every week.

    Phil was good too and I'm not a fan of him.

    Sanjaya needs to go home. However I think there's a few of them worried today.
  • I didn't pay enough attention to Melinda, but she did sound good. I really liked Jordin's performance, and Phil did a better than usual job.
  • Last night was a little lackluster IMO. I think Jordin may be the dark horse of the competition, I could see her winning!

    Chris was just painful to listen to, nasal twang, ew! I liked Phil’s performance, and I’m not particularly a fan of his. Glad Simon called Melinda on her excessive surprised “oh, you really like me!” act. But I did think she was one of the best this week. I think LaKisha was off the mark, I really kind of hate that song too, so maybe there’s my bias against pop country talking there.

    I say Sanjaya’s gig is finally up tonight. I think Chris will also be in the bottom three, not sure about the third person.
  • Quote: I say Sanjaya’s gig is finally up tonight. I think Chris will also be in the bottom three, not sure about the third person.
    I think Lakisha may be the third one.
  • I sure hope that tonight is Sanjaya's last...he totally sucked. I thought Chris was pretty bad also...I think the bottom three will be Sanjaya, Chris and LaKeesha. Blake and Jordan were great, and I hate country music!

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  • You know, I really liked Lakisha in the beginning but her attitude leaves much to be desired. She just seems angry or can't take criticism well. She may be saying "OK, that's fine", but the look in her eyes when she responds to the judges are like daggers. Same thing when they show Melinda singing and Lakisha looking on--scary! I would not want to be on her bad side. Melinda's aw shucks attitude is a little grating, but she has fantastic pipes. If this were truly a singing competition, she'd win hands down. I didn't get to see Blake or Melinda perform last night but I'm still rooting for them. Jordin I did see and for a young lady of 17, she is good, but she can still improve a lot. I can see her winning because she's the prettiest of the lot and that's what sells, right?
  • First I gotta just do this, America finally got it right.

    Let's give them something to talk about indeed!

    Then, did anyone hear/read about the controversy w/Chris and Simon's eye-rolling? Does anyone else think this is being blown WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY out of proportion?