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  • Oh man, talk about inbreeding! Seattle was horrible!!
    Did you see the kid that Simon told looked like a "bush baby"?? My goodness!
    And how about that mother and daughter. The daughter had bleach blonde hair and NO BRA!
    But, the creepiest of all was the kid who sand Unchained Melody. Or maybe the creepiest was the guy towards the end with the red hair and the back-woods teeth!
    I doubt they will be going back to Seattle next year.
    I'm hoping they come to the NY/PA/NJ area again next year. I vow that this year I will audition!! WOOHOO!!!
  • I'm going to record the whole 4 hours they are showing here tomorrow, it may take me until next Friday (at least) to watch it all. I probably will watch it all though!
  • cemetarysiren, I hope you get to auditiion. I have a 24 yr. old step-daughter that also would like to audition. My 21 yr. old step-daughter is an awesome singer but she has no desire to ever audition.
  • I hope I do too! I've been singing since high school. Everyone keeps telling me that I should do it, including both of my bosses. I just don't know if I could deal with the pressure! LOL
  • Lilybelle - you're in Checotah? I'm in Claremore!! I was a Carrie fan from the start. So glad she made it, seems like such a real sweetheart (and she still seems so "normal" from all the interviews I've seen).

    I was rather disappointed with Seattle.... I would think there would have been SOME kind of talent there. My dad is from Seattle and has been a singer all of his life (sang with a few southern gospel quartets, sang with Wayne Newton for about 5 years, and sings at a show in Branson, MO now)... granted - it's not American Idol, but he could have out done any of those kids last night..... I've been to Seattle and promise that not everyone as creapy as they portrayed it last

    As for trying out, I say GO FOR IT to anyone who wants to........ I'd never have the nerve. Even if I got past the initial judges and got to sing for Randy, Paula, and Simon - I'd have a break-down....
  • I liked the brother and sister, too, although I definitely think the sister has more of "the look" for AI. The brother surprised me...I just didn't expect that voice to come out of that boy, like they just didn't quite match up in my head

    And I really have to wonder if bleach-blonde braless woman was acting (the mother, too). She spoke in a very odd manner--not her voice, but the actual way she spoke. It just seemed to me like she was playing a character.

    I wonder if Seattle has enough dentists? I noticed LOTS of messy, messy teeth last night (but maybe I'm the ones who's a freak for noticing teeth so much? The brother and sister had very nice, VERY white teeth)

    I've played with the thought of auditioning as well. I sang in groups from about 5th grade through my first year of college, and have since continued in the car and shower I could never do it at my current weight, though--I know Simon would tear me apart, and my self-esteem soooo doesn't need that right now (I'm sure he would tear me apart no matter what, since that's what he gets the big bucks to do, but I really need to build up more confidence before considering auditioning for anything). Maybe I should go on The Biggest Loser and then AI the next season I bet network marketing would LOVE that if they were both on the same channel. Hmm, new reality show? Mega-makeovers to reveal star talent?
  • Jilly, oh gosh, you made me laugh, what with the dentist crack. Too funny.

    I could not watch the whole thing, it was torturous for me. I mean you just know that the producers put half those people on with no intention of sending them to Hollywood. The braless wonder and her mother were SCARY. Some people are really, really nutso, what they won't do for the 15 mins of fame.

    The brother and sister were pretty cool though. He definitely had the better voice, she definitely had the better "look". None of them will be the next AI.

    But you gals that are thinking of auditioning - GO FOR IT. Hey, you never know. If you don't, you might always wonder what might have been.
  • Yes, go for it but DO wear a bra. That was terrible. What the heck are these people thinking!
  • What was up with the lady that was wearing fishnet stocking on her arms? am I out of touch with a new style??
  • Quote: Yes, go for it but DO wear a bra. That was terrible. What the heck are these people thinking!
    No way! When I try out, I'm going braless AND see through! LOL Oh, and I'm definately bringing my mother and I'm going to make her wear an unflattering wig! YES!
  • siren, i don't think that girl had to make her mother wear anything. I think the mother created that monster , a complete carbon copy of herself.

    And what did Simon say about that girl w/the weird pink fishnet body stocking-thing? "She looks like she got caught in a net" It looked like some horrible sunburn or skin rash. Yuck!
  • London, my step-daughters live in Checotah, I live closer to Ft. Smith. We voted really hard for Carrie to win. My oldest step-daughter graduated high school and was a cheer leader with Carrie. She is a really sweet girl and used to spend the night with us sometimes. Carrie is doing great with her career in Country Music and I'm really proud of her. She is now linked romantically with Tony Romo (spelling?) Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

    jill, I agree there must be a real shortage of dentists there.
  • Quote: No way! When I try out, I'm going braless AND see through! LOL Oh, and I'm definately bringing my mother and I'm going to make her wear an unflattering wig! YES!
    Yes, no bra, but definitely fishnets on the arms. And make a good song choice that's unique and never been done before--like maybe Somewhere Over the Rainbow or Alicia Keys' Fallin' (I remember them showing a good 20 people who killed that song last season--I can't even imagine how many people think they can sing it well ). Oooh, or that Pussycat Dolls song (God, I hate that song anyway, but hearing it by multiple horrible singers last night...).
  • It seemed really weird that all of those people chose to sing "Don't Cha" - but they probably didn't do the choosing. From the AI website:

    What to Sing at the Auditions: Be prepared to sing a cappella (without music) a song of your choice. If you are called back for the first recall, you may be asked to sing two songs a cappella, one of which may be from a list that will be provided to you by the producer at that time. The other song, if requested by producer, may be a song of your choice.
  • I actually felt sorry for some of the people. And I think it's mean to talk about their teeth. They may not be American Idol material but to be mean to them is not right.

    I do think that some of them are there just to get on tv and they have to know they can't sing but they do have feelings.

    And like with most of the places, a lot of the people come from other states. I thought they said the mom/daughter were from Texas.