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  • I agree JILLY! We all remember William Hung don't could we forget!
  • I came across a website [don't recall where] that encouraged voters to vote for Sanjaya to protess against how American Idiol picks who can audition
    for the 3 judges. They said very talented people get turned away so they get
    "good t.v." from the flukies. But actually how many people are going to carry
    that out . Hopefully they let true stars win out in the end.
  • It is their show...they can do what they want I say..if we don't like it we won't watch.
  • Stephanie got kicked off???? You're kidding? I watched the main show but managed to miss the results show. It's repeated tonight but I shan't bother now - I'm protesting.
  • I missed it this past week. Did anyone besides Stephanie go home? I couldn't remember if 2 go home each week now or just one?
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    They have been doing this for years. It's a protest against the show by keeping on the worst performer. This year it's Sunjiha. (sp?) They have a HUGE following.

    Eventually the best will be left, after the number of voters evens out. More people like the show than not.

  • lilybelle, only 1 goes home each week now, so it was only Stephanie this past week.
  • Thanks, Jilly.
  • Gwen Stefani is the guest this week and they're singing "pop" music. That's a huge genre let's hope they choose wisely.
  • So, is everybody ready for POP week?? I'm wondering if Sanjaya will be doing some Michael Jackson as he seems to be a big fan (I'm sure he said that once, didn't he? Or I saw it on one of those Idol Extras shows).
  • I really enjoyed Gina and Phil tonight. Lakisha and Melinda were good as always.

    However Sanjaya I don't know what to say!!!!! That hair was awful but you know that everyone will be talking about it tomorrow and millions of 12 year old girls will be texting votes.

    I didn't think Chris Sligh was very good tonight.

    My bottom 2 were Chris S and Sanjaya.
  • i really like gina tonight. I know a lot of ppl here haven't liked her much. I thought she rocked tonight. I always thought she had a great voice...a very gritty rocker girl voice...which i like. And i thought her performance was awesome. But of corse lakisa and melinda did on helluva job too. Sanjaya is just horrible. Please someone get him off the stage....its painful to watch him attempt to sing..he seems so uncomfortable when he sings.
  • Please can someone stop the "tweenies" from voting for Sangay or whatever his name is... Sangay must go!!!

    I really like Gina she reminds me of my DD...
  • AI is on right now in my time zone... I agree about Gina, that was a great song choice for her voice. Melinda rocked the house as usual, she is so AWESOME I love her! I missed Lakisha tonight though.

    I dunno, this season is just not grabbing me like the previous ones. Sanjaya needs to go to the Disney channel.
  • Assuming Sajaya will still make it through thanks to the VFTW voters, my bottom choice for the evening is definitely Haley. I never thought she belonged this far in the competition anyway, and this week's performance was agonizingly boring. But, I'm sure the Garys of the world would rather vote on skirt length...she is the only cookie-cutter Barbie-esque girl left, so I guess the folks who like that will keep voting for her.

    Simon was 100% correct when it was his turn to speak after Sanjaya's performance--it absolutely does not matter what the judges say anymore

    Oh, and as much as I adore Jordin, I thought her performance last night was her worst ever. The judges didn't seem to notice, though.